How to Make Cloud Dough    ( No Cook, No Flour)

How to make Cloud Dough

This no cook sensory material recipe is great for big kids who are past the “putting stuff in their mouth” phase. 

You only need two main ingredients to make silky smooth, homemade Cloud Dough – cornstarch and conditioner – then you can color it however you’d like!

- 1 cup of hair conditioner - 2-3 cups of cornstarch  Mica or food coloring - Large mixing bowl - Measuring cups - Silicone spatula - Mixing spoon


How to make cloud dough


Measure out 1 cup of hair conditioner and 1 cup of cornstarch, add them to a mixing bowl, then mix until everything is combined really well.

Mix Cornstarch and Conditioner.


Start adding in mica powder or food coloring very slowly until you’ve reached the color saturation you’re after.

Color Your Cloud Dough.


Now it’s time for you to play with your cloud dough… I mean it’s time for your kids to play with their cloud dough! 

Play with Your Cloud Dough.

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