How to Make Reusable Hand Warmers

Reusable Hand Warmers

check out this DIY sewing project for winter! Learn how to make home made reusable hand warmers to help you stay warm.

Learn how to make homemade reusable hand warmers with a few simple supplies to keep your hands warm this winter.

- Flannel fabric - Rice



- Self healing mat - Rotary cutters - Durable ruler - Sewing machine

DIY best reusable Hand Warmers


Cut Four Rectangles

Measure and cut four rectangles from the flannel fabric that measure 5.5” x 6” each using the rotary cutter, self healing mat and ruler.


Sew Fabric

Use your sewing machine to sew 3 sides of the fabric and part of the 4th sure, leaving 1/2” around all the edges.


Fill & Repeat

Fill the small fabric pouch you made with your sewing machine halfway full of rice then sew it closed.

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