How to Make Soy Candles

How to Make Soy Candles

I love making scented candles with natural ingredients. The two types of wax I typically use to make my own candles are beeswax and soy wax.

This easy tutorial is a great starting point for making beautiful soy wax candles. You’ll never go back to store-bought soy candles.

– Soy wax flakes – Fragrance oils – Dried flowers – Candle wicks – Wick stickers or hot glue gun – Candle jars – Candle pouring pitcher


How to Make Soy Candles


Clean Jars

Spray some rubbing alcohol into your jars and wipe them clean and dry with a paper towel.


Glue Wicks Into Jars

Use a hot glue gun, glue dot or wick stickers to adhere a candle wick to the bottom of the jar or jars you’ll be filling


Melt Soy Wax

Add one pound of soy wax flakes to a candle pouring pitcher. Heat over medium heat, stirring frequently, until the wax is melted and clear.

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