How to Make Your Own Ice Melt Using Household Ingredients

How to Make Ice Melt

Winter means icy sidewalks and driveways. Learn how to make your very own DIY ice melt using common household ingredients! 

If you want to melt the snow and ice on the areas around your home, but don’t want to use a ton of chemicals or back breaking effort to do so, you do have some more natural options.

- ½ gallon of warm water - 6 drops of earth-friendly   liquid dish soap - ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol - Mixing bowl or pitcher - Spray bottles - Broom (optional)

Supplies and Tools

How to Make Ice melt


Mix the ingredients

Mix the ingredients in a container of choice and transfer it to spray bottles or another jug or container.


Prepare the solution

You can give the contents one more shake after you transfer them. Be sure you are preparing the mix when you are ready to use it.


Pour or Spray 

Carefully pour or spray the solution over the icy area. If you wish, you can take a broom to quickly spread the liquid and to help it achieve more coverage.

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