How to Plant a Sprouted Onion

How to plant Sprouted Onion

Did you discover some sprouting onions in your produce basket? Learn how to plant a sprouted onion in your garden in this easy gardening tutorial.

Follow our simple process and you’ll be able to grow a brand new onion in your garden! It’s a fun and easy activity to do as a family.

- Sprouted onion(s) - Soil-filled container (or  garden) - Knife - Cutting Board - Bowl of Water


How to plant Sprouted Onion


Using a sharp knife, carefully cut into your onion lengthwise to expose the center sprout. e careful not to cut into the sprout or through the root of the onion. 

Cut the Onion Lengthwise.


Peel away the onion’s outer layers until only the center sprout is remaining. If there are multiple sprouts like this one all stuck together, carefully separate them into individual onion sprouts.

Remove Sprouts from Onion.


Once you have your onion sprouts separated, place them into a cup or bowl of water and leave them there until you see new roots start to shoot out. 

Sprout Roots in Water.

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