How to Re-Grow Green Onion Scraps

Save Money by Growing Food Scraps in Water

Green onions are one of many produce items you can re-grown in water. This saves time shopping and money too!

It's a great way to show kids where food comes from if you don't have room for a garden! They can literally see the green onions grow.

– 1 bunch of green onions – Shot glasses – Water – Cutting Board – Knife


How to re-grown green onion scraps


Put Onion Roots in Water

When you use your green onions, cut them near the root and save the scraps. Place them in water.


Watch for New Growth

In just a few days, you’ll notice that they are starting to grow. See all of that new green growth?


Trim then Keep Growing

When the long green tops get long enough, trim them down and eat the green onions – then let them keep growing.

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