how to reverse tie dye

Reverse Tie Dye

Learn everything you need to know to make amazing Reverse Tie Dye projects. 

Don’t worry… it’s much easier than it sounds! This simple tutorial will show you how to use each method.

How to Reverse tie dye


Prepare Supplies

Make sure you’re wearing old clothes before starting. Set up your supplies outside or in a well ventilated area.


Prepare Shirt

Choose a dry t-shirt that you’d like to reverse tie dye, then tie it into your chosen tie dye pattern. You can use any pattern you like.


Tie Shirt Pattern

The next step is to take several rubber bands and place them along the shirt to hold it into shape. You can band it as many times as you like.


Bleach Shirt

You’ll want to wear gloves for this step. Grab your color remover and soak the shirt in it. The more you apply, the more light areas of the shirt you will have to dye and the less you apply, the more black that will remain.

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