How to Sew an Easy Pot Holder in 10 Minutes

How to Sew an Easy Pot Holder

Are you looking for easy sewing projects for the kitchen? Learn how to make these cute DIY Pot Holders with a hanging hook. 

These DIY pot holders are seriously so easy to make if you know how to use a sewing machine. You can make a kitchen pot holder in about 10 minutes.

- ¼ yard cotton fabric - main  color - ¼ yard heat safe batting - ¼ yard cotton fabric  - Washable fabric pen - Self healing mat - Scissors - All-purpose thread - Wonder sewing clips

Supplies and Tools

How to sew an easy pot holder


Measure, mark and cut one 9” x 9” piece of your main, one piece of the 9” x 9” piece of your complimentary fabric, one 2” x 4” piece of either of the cotton fabrics and one 9" x 9" piece of heat safe cotton batting or fabric.


Fold your 2” x 4” in half length-wise and press with an iron. Next fold each side to touch the middle fold and press together and then fold in half and press. This will be your loop to hang your pot holder.


Place one piece of your cotton fabric right side up, place loop piece in one corner, with the raw edge facing the corner.

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