how to make Striped tie dye shirts

Striped Tie Dye Pattern T-Shirts

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to make unique Striped Tie Dye Shirts for kids, women and men!

It's such a fun yet easy family activity! And fortunately, there are lots of one-step tie dye kits that make it super easy and fun.

How to  tie dye shirts in a striped pattern


Gather Supplies

Wash and dry white cotton shirts. Mix the dye powder from your Tulip kit with water and set up your work area. Make sure to wear old clothes.


Prepare and Fold Your Shirts

Fold your t-shirt lengthwise into small pleats across the whole shirt.


Rubber Band Shirts

Next, take your rubber bands and create sections on each of your shirts.


Dye Shirts

Color each section with your chosen colors. Make sure it’s saturated with enough dye that you don’t end up with white spots, but not so much dye that it bleeds together. Dye both sides.


Put Shirts in Plastic Bags.

Place each dyed shirt in a sealed plastic bag so the dye can set into the damp shirt.

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