Moon Pod Review: Better Than a Beanbag Chair?

What is a Moon Pod?

A Moon Pod is a zero-gravity bean unique shaped bag chair made with responsive high-density beads.

When I first opened the package, it didn’t look like anything too spectacular. It had minimal original packaging.

Is Moon Pod Comfortable Compared to a Bean Bag?

Traditional bean bags tend to be super hard when you get them. Moon pod provides ergonomic support. 

How to Use a Moon Pod?

The adaptive flexibility of the Moon Pod allows it to be used in 3 different positions: - Sitting position - Reclining position - Laying position

How Big is a Moon Pod?

The approximate dimensions of the standard Moon Pod are 56″ x 22″ x 22″, although that varies because of the amorphous shape.

Moon Pod Cover Colors

The cover is available in four different colors: - Moon Indigo - Neptune Blue - Space Gray - Rose Quartz

Is Moon Pod Worth It for $300?

Even though $300 sounds like a high price tag, the ergonomic design alone makes it worth it!

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