New Year’s Eve Kids Craft DIY PartY POPPERS

Party Poppers

Happy New Year! One super fun craft you can do with your kids this New Year’s Eve is this fun DIY Party Poppers craft for kids.

The kids absolutely love bursting these confetti poppers open at midnight. All you need is toilet paper tubes and few other supplies.

How To make Party poppers


Cut Tiny Squares

Cut tiny squares of tissue paper of each color. I cut about ½ inch strips, piled them on top each other, and then cut tiny squares from them.


Make Roll

Cut 3 squares of each color of tissue paper that are about 10" x 10", and keep each color in its stack of 3. Cut a toilet paper tube in half  and lay both halves together in the middle of one of the color stacks.


Knot the Ribbon

Roll the paper tightly around the tube. Take a piece of ribbon about 12 inches long and tie it around the paper at one end of the tube so it is closed.  Knot the ribbon and curl each end with scissors.


Add Fillings

Fill the tubes about halfway with some metallic confetti and little square confetti. Tie  around the paper with ribbon at the other end of the tube so it is closed. Knot it and curl each end with scissors.

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