Rainbow Shaker Wand St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

Rainbow Shaker Wand St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

Making this Whimsical Rainbow Shaker Wand is fun activity for home or in the classroom on St. Patrick’s Day or any time you’re feeling colorful.

This simple craft uses basic supplies to make Rainbow Shakers that your little leprechauns will have a blast with.

Paper Towel Tubes Craft Paint Craft Glue Foil Rice Black Glitter Foam Gold Bells Gold Pipe Cleaners

Supplies & Tools

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How to make rainbow shaker wand


 Cut and Glue Foil To Tubes.

Cut squares of foil large enough to wrap around the end of the paper towel tube. You want to make the foil about 3-4 layers thick


Add Rice to Tube.

Measure 2-3 tablespoons of rice and add it to the inside of your paper towel tube.


Seal Tube.

Seal the other end of the tube with foil and masking tape, just like in step 1.

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