Spring Flower Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Kids Love this Nature Craft!

My kids love finding things in nature they can use for craft projects. So they were excited to learn how to make make these pretty nature suncatcher wind chimes.

You can find pretty flowers by going on a nature walk. Other than that, you only need a few simple craft supplies.

– Flowers – Tissue paper squares – Clear contact paper – Mason jar rings – Hemp twine – Scissors – Pen


How to make Sun Catcher wind chimes with spring flowers


Trace Rings

Decide how many rings you want to make. Trace the outside of the mason jar rings onto the contact paper (the clear side, not the backing).


Stick Flowers

Remove backing from contact paper and set it on a table with the sticky side facing up. Have the kids press their flowers onto the circles. You can also use tissue paper and other items.


Seal & Cut

Place a 2nd piece of contact paper over the top of the 1st to seal everything inside. Press out as many air bubbles as possible. Cut the circles out inside the traced line so they'll fit inside the mason jar rings.

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