St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Candle Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Candle Craft

Learn how to make simple flameless candle centerpiece for St. Patrick’s Day with dollar store supplies.

This DIY Shamrock Candle Craft is super easy to make, so easy kids can even do it on their own.

Shamrock window cling stickers 2 flameless taper candles 2 tall glasses or mason jars Green sand Rubbing alcohol Cleaning cloth

Supplies and Tools 

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How to make Shamrock Candle Craft


Pour about an inch of green sand into each of them. The sand is what will keep your flameless taper candles centered.

Add Sand to Glasses.


Next, arrange your Shamrock Stickers on the outside of the glass or jar.

Add Shamrock Stickers.


Test your flameless taper candles to be sure they work. Then, press one into the center of each jar or glass, pressing it down into the sand.

Add Flameless Candles.

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