Tips to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard This Spring!

Keeping Snakes Out of Your Yard

Snakes can be a curse or a blessing, depending upon how you look at them. If you’re set on repelling snakes from your yard or garden, these tips & tricks will help you protect your property.

The following are some suggestions and steps to keep slithering reptiles out of your yard, along with some reasons why you might not want to.


Clean Up Your Yard

Snakes love to have places to hide. One of the easiest ways to keep unwanted snakes out of your yard and garden areas is to keep them clean.


Clean Standing Ground Water

If you have damp areas in your yard, clean it up. Not only will you eliminate a snake issue, you will also eliminate a mosquito problem as well.


Seal the House, Shed & Coop

If small rodents can get into your shed or garage, a snake will be attracted to it. Make sure small cracks are well sealed and that you’re practicing rodent control inside your house too.


Pick Pets to Keep Snakes Away

Unless you have a mongoose that you are willing to set free in the yard, your pet isn’t going to completely keep the snakes away. However, certain pets will deter them a bit.

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