How To Make Valentine’s Day Ring Soap Bars

Make  a Valentine's Day Ring Soap Bars

Are you looking for a unique homemade gift idea for Valentine’s Day? Learn how to make DIY Ring Soap Bars. It’s easy and fun for kids!

If you’re as tired of the traditional candy that is handed out among school-aged kids as I am, consider giving DIY Ring Soap Bars as gifts this year!

- 20 ounces melt and pour   soap - 4-5 drops vitamin E oil - 1 teaspoon  strawberry   fragrance oil - 1 teaspoon  bubble gum   fragrance oil - Soap colorant - lilac and   red or pink


How to Make  Valentine's day ring soap bars


Separate 20 of the cubes from the block of soap base. Chop or grate the soap cubes into smaller pieces and place half them in a double boiler over medium heat. Stir frequently until the soap is completely melted.


Add 2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil, the strawberry fragrance oil and a few drops of the red or pink soap colorant to the melted soap and whisk to combine.


Immediately, pour the melted “pink” soap into the heart-shaped molds, filling each mold only half way. It will harden within 2 minutes of pouring into the molds. 

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