Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers Kids Craft 

Valentine's Day Treat Poppers Kids Craft

Are you looking for a cute Valentine’s Day craft for kids as an alternative to traditional cards? Here is a fun DIY.

This Valentine’s Day kids craft is simple enough for preschool aged kids, but can be fun for older kids too. 

- Toilet paper tubes - Baker’s twine - or ribbon - Valentine’s Day themed   tissue paper - Heart stickers - Small party favors - Valentine's Day candy


How to Make  Valentine's day treat Poppers


Fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise, then cut a piece that’s approximately 10-12" long. Place a toilet paper tube on top of the tissue paper and tape it into place.


Roll the toilet paper tube up completely in the tissue paper, then use a small piece of tape to secure the tissue paper in place.


Use baker’s twine to tie off one end of the tissue paper.

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