Why I Wear Sun Protection Clothing

As a melanoma survivor, I'm aware of my sun exposure. While sunscreen can help, it's not perfect and covering up is even better.

What I Love About Constant Sol Sun Protection clothes


Most UPF fabrics look more appropriate for active outdoor activities. Constant Sol chose the best fabric for everyday wear clothing that would look stylish and protect skin.

Great UPF Fabric


Constant Sol offers a capsule collection. So you can mix and match pieces and they all go together. I love how well thought out the designs are!

Stylish Design Choices


Constant Sol isn't part of the fast fashion trend. All of their sun protection clothing is hand sewn right here in the U.S.

Hand Sewn in the United States


Unlike a lot of specialty clothing brand, the fabrics chosen by Constant Sol are all machine washable.

Machine Washable Fabrics

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