3 wool dryer balls on a patterned tablecloth
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How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Learn how to make the best DIY felted wool dryer balls to reduce static and laundry drying time.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time1 hr
Felting Time1 hr
Total Time2 hrs 5 mins
Course: DIY
Cuisine: Laundry
Author: Chrystal Johnson




  • Start by loosely winding the yarn into large balls. It is very important that you wind the balls loosely because that allows the fibers to felt more easily in the step 4. The exact size of your ball isn't important, but it's better to go with a larger size since small wool dryer balls get lost in the laundry a lot more easily than larger ones.
    Gray wool yarn being woven into a dryer ball
  • Once your yarn ball has reached your desired size, cut the yarn, leaving a tail that is a few inches long. Thread that tail onto your yarn needle and weave the tail back through the ball several times to lock the end in place. Cut any remaining tail yarn flush with the ball.
    Cutting the yarn tail once the wool yarn balls have been formed
  • Slide the yarn ball all the way to the toe of the nylon stocking. Knot the stocking so that the first yarn ball is completely surrounded by stocking. Slide the next yarn ball in as far as it will go and tie another knot. Continue in this fashion until all yarn balls are in stocking cocoons.
    One wool dryer ball tied into the end of nylons
  • Wash the worm of wool balls in very hot water with your regular laundry soap. You can wash the balls with your regular laundry so you’re not wasting water or electricity. Send the balls through several wash and dry cycles with your regular laundry for best results. The hot water and the soap will cause the wool to felt onto itself, meaning that the yarn ball will not unravel.
    Four wool dryer balls tied up into nylons before being felted
  • Cut the wool dryer balls out of the stocking. If the wool doesn’t look completely felted, go ahead and tie the balls into another stocking and repeat steps 3 and 4. Once the wool balls are completely felted, you can begin using them in your dryer.
    Dryer ball cut out of the nylon - it's fully felted now