Close up of glass jars of calendula lavender salve on weathered blue wood table with dried flowers
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DIY Calendula Lavender Salve

Learn how to make a homemade Calendula Lavender Salve with dried flowers and soothing and moisturizing oils.
Prep Time0 mins
Cook Time5 hrs
Cooling Time3 hrs
Total Time8 hrs
Course: DIY Beauty
Cuisine: Moisturize
Servings: 2 Jars
Author: Chrystal Johnson




  • Put the Calendula and Lavender flowers in a mason jar, the cover the flowers with the extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil (they should be completely covered).
    Dried calendula and lavender flowers in a glass jar with olive and coconut oil
  • Fill your pan with water, then place the jar into the water being careful not to get any water into the oil. Turn the heat on low and allow the flowers to infuse into the oil for 3-5 hours. You'll know it's ready when the oil smells strongly of the flowers. The oil will also change colors.
    Jar of coconut oil, olive oil, dried lavender and dried calendula in a pan of shallow water
  • Remove the jar from the pan, then strain the oil from the flowers using cheesecloth into a clean mason jar. Make sure you squeeze the cheesecloth so you get all of the oil from the spent flowers.
  • Pour the beeswax into the infused oil, then place it back into the water in the pan. Stir occasionally until the beeswax is melted (around 5 minutes for the pastilles I use).
  • When it's totally melted, remove the jar from the water and add your essential oils. Immediately pour the mixture into your glass containers and allow it to cool.
    Two jars of homemade calendula lavender salve cooling on the counter
  • Once completely cooled, keep the lid sealed when not in use.
    DIY calendula lavender salve for dry skin


How to Calculate the Expiration Date

Your calendula lavender salve should last around a year. I always go by the earliest expiration date on my ingredients for non-water based DIY beauty projects like this one.