How to Make Fake Snow

How to Make a Fake Snow

All you need are two simple ingredients to make your own fake snow that feels cold to the touch just like the real thing!

 If you don’t live where it snows or you miss real snow, you can make fake snow to give your kids the benefits of sensory play without having to brave the cold weather.

- 32  ounces of cornstarch - 12-ounce can of shaving   cream - 1 tablespoon of blue glitter   or confetti - Large mixing bowl - Mixing spoon - Apron,  Paper towels - Storage container

Supplies and Tools

How to Make Fake snow


Add Cornstarch to Bowl

Slowly pour 32 ounces of cornstarch into a large mixing bowl so it doesn’t blow everywhere.


Combine Shaving Cream with Cornstarch

Add one 12-ounce can of shaving cream to the bowl, a little at a time, working it in with your hands.


Add Glitter or Confetti

When you’ve achieved your desired consistency, add about a tablespoon of blue glitter or confetti (if desired) and mix until it’s evenly distributed throughout the snow.

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