Suncatcher Wind Chimes Kids Nature Craft

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Learn how to make Suncatcher Wind Chimes in this easy kids nature craft. It’s a fun and easy activity for spring.

Five mason jar rings made into ahanging suncatcher wind chimes

My kids love finding things in nature they can use for craft projects. So they were excited to learn how to make make these pretty nature suncatcher wind chimes.

We set out on a walk with buckets and smiles. Going on nature walks really allows you to appreciate the little things in nature. They always want to stop and examine every tiny flower they spot. Nothing like taking time to smell the roses 🙂


After we were finished with our nature walk, we took a look at the flowers they gathered and found some cute matching tissue paper squares to add the the mix. Spring colors are so vibrant.

Now we have pretty suncatchers to hang on the front porch. It’s a great craft to do in the spring after being cooped up in the house all winter. It’s easy too.

Colorful suncatcher wind chimes made with flower petals and tissue paper

Kids Nature Craft: Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Learn how to make Suncatcher Wind Chimes in this easy nature craft for kids.
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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Makes: 1


  • Flowers - or leaves and other goodies from your nature hunt
  • Tissue paper squares - optional
  • Clear contact paper
  • Mason jar rings
  • Hemp twine - or other sturdy twine


  • Pen
  • Scissors


  • Decide how many rings you want on your suncatcher wind chimes, then trace the outside of the mason jar rings onto the contact paper (the clear side, not the backing).
    Circles traced on contact paper with the girls sitting at a blue plastic kids table
  • Remove the backing from the contact paper and place it onto a table with the sticky side facing up. You may need to tape it down. Have your kids press the items they found on their nature hunt into the circles. You can also use tissue paper and other items.
    Kaylee pressing flower petals onto contact paper
  • When they are done pressing items onto the contact paper, place a second piece of contact paper over the top of the first to seal everything inside. Be sure to get as many of the air bubbles out as possible by pressing them flat. Cut the circles out inside the traced line so they'll fit inside the mason jar rings. Depending upon your child's age, you may need to help them with this step.
    Zoe cutting suncatchers out of the contact paper that has been pressed together
  • Poke a hole into each of the nature rounds, and push a piece of string through the hole and through the mason jar ring. Tie a knot on the mason jar ring. This will ensure your pretty nature rounds don’t fly away.
    Hemp twine tied onto mason jar ring made into a hanging suncatcher
  • Tie the other end of the string onto the old hanger. Continue this process until all of your nature rounds have been used on your suncatcher wind chimes. Hang your pretty nature inspired suncatcher wind chimes on your porch or wherever they can be admired.
    Close up of suncatcher wind chimes hanging on the front porch

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