About Me

by Chrystal Johnson

I’m Chrystal, wife to Brian, and mommy to our two beautiful girls Zoë, born in May 9, 2008 (our honeymoon baby!), and Kaylee, born February 14, 2010 (in Uruguay). In a former life, I was in marketing communications management at a Fortune 20 healthcare company. Now, I'm a marketing consultant, social media guru and freelance writer–which allows me to spend more time with my family and live anywhere in the world. (We currently live in the San Bernardino Mountains.)

They say that it's moments that define who you are. For me, I have two moments that have defined my journey to living naturally and simply. The first was when I was diagnosed with melanoma in February 2007. The second was when I saw the positive sign on my pregnancy test just 4 weeks after getting married.

When I found out I was pregnant, I set out to research everything baby under the sun. I wanted only the best and safest for my baby girl. I definitely made some mistakes along the way. Some things I thought would be perfect just weren’t. And other things I would’ve never considered fit our family just perfect in the end.

I couldn’t find one location – whether that be a website, book, friend, family member etc. – that gave an overview of everything I wanted to know by someone with similar values as me, so I spent countless hours compiling information before making a decision on anything.

Life would’ve been easier if I had someone that I could connect with, someone with similar ideals and values I could turn to who could impart their motherly wisdom on me.

Don’t get me wrong… I know every baby and every family is different. And what works for me may not work for you. But, that’s why this is a blog. My opinion. My experience. What works for me and my family…

It may or may not work for you. But, I hope to at least give you some things to think about you may not have considered before. Or at least a place to go to for answers to some of your questions. I truly hope you can gain something from reading my insights here.

I have loved my journey of motherhood and green living thus far, and hope to help you love yours even more. You'll find me writing about topics like real food, recipes, green living, natural health, natural parenting, natural beauty, natural cleaning, travel, technology, family entertainment and anything else that can be related to living a simple, natural lifestyle.

So, please let me know if you have input or questions! I am always open to new ideas for topics. Please remember, there really is a genuine mom behind this website who is hoping to simplify some things in your complicated Mommy life…

Happy Mothering!

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