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How to Make a Himalayan Salt Diffuser

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Learn how to make an easy DIY Himalayan Salt Diffuser with essential oils in this easy craft tutorial. 

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in a small wood bowl on a dark wood table next to an Amethyst cluster

I love my essential oil diffusers, but they can be noisy and it’s easy to forget to fill (and regularly clean) them. A few years ago, a friend recommended I put eucalyptus oil and sea salt in a bowl by my bedside. I really liked how it worked, so I kept doing it.

I typically use coarse Himalayan sea salt for my simple salt diffusers. It’s what we use in our salt grinder and I use it in DIY beauty products, which is why I buy in bulk, so I always have it on hand.

I also love the pretty pink color! You can use other types of sea salt as well like rock salt or coarse salt.

The Himalayan Salt Diffuser pictured has lavender and frankincense in it. You can use whatever scent combination you like, though.

If you need help choosing an essential oil combination, here are a few we like:

Great for Wax Warmers

If you use a wax warmer, you can put the salts on there as well. The heat will break down some of the properties of the oils, but it’s better than using synthetic candles or warmer tarts.

If you love wax warmers, I have a great tutorial for making DIY Wax Melts if you haven’t tried that!

What to Do with Leftover Salt

Once you’re done with the scent combination, you can dispose of the salts. Instead of tossing them, I like to re-use them in my fizzy bath salts recipe when you’re done with that scent.

Close up of Himalayan Salt Diffuser on dark wood table

How to Make a Himalayan Salt Diffuser

Learn how to make a super easy essential oil diffuser using Himalyan salt.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 1


  • Small bowl
  • Coarse Himalayan sea salt - fine ground would work too
  • Essential oils - of your choice


  • Small mixing bowl
  • Spoon
  • Whisk


  • Add Himalayan sea salt to a small mixing bowl and add add several drops of essential oil to the salt and stir to evenly coat the salt crystals.
    Pink coarse sea salt in a glass mixing bowl with a small whisk and 3 essential oil bottles to the left of it on a wood table
  • Transfer the mixture to your decorative bowl and display in the area of your choice.
    small salt diffuser made out of coarse salt and a wood bowl


Stir the salts daily to keep the scent fresh. Every few days, add a few more drops of essential oils.

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