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Instant Pot Mongolian Beef & Broccoli

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This is a quick and easy Instant Pot Mongolian Beef & Broccoli recipe. Everyone in the family loves the flavor of this awesome dinner, and it’s part of our regular dinner rotation. I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as ours.

Close up of Mongolian Beef and Broccoli over white rice and topped with Sriracha that was made in an Instant Pot

Instant Pot Mongolian Beef & Broccoli Recipe

This Instant Pot Mongolian Beef & Broccoli recipe is easy to make and amazingly flavorful!
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Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Recipe Servings: 6



  • Turn your Instant Pot onto the "Sauté" setting. Add the Sesame Oil to the Instant Pot and let the oil heat up. * See Tip Below
    Sesame oil being added to the Instant Pot
  • Add enough of the steak to cover the bottom of the Instant Pot, brown the meat, then remove the meat and set aside. Repeat until all meat has been browned. *See Tip Below
    Steak strips browning in the Instant Pot with sesame oil
  • Add the minced garlic and ginger to your Instant Pot and sauté it for 1-2 minutes.
    Ginger and garlic being sauteed in the Instant Pot
  • Add the soy sauce, water and brown sugar to the ginger and garlic and stir until well combined.
    Soy sauce, water and brown sugar added to Instant pot
  • Transfer the browned beef back to the Instant Pot, seal the lid. Use the "Meat" setting to cook the meat mixture for 8 minutes.
    Browned meat added back to Instant Pot with Mongolian beef sauce
  • When it's finished, use the Quick Pressure Release method. Remove the lid once the pressure is completely released. Add the chopped broccoli to the meat mixture and use the "Meat" setting to cook everything for 1 minute.
    Chopped broccoli added to Mongolian Beef in Instant Pot and stirred together
  • When it's finished, use the Quick Pressure Release method. Remove the lid once the pressure is completely released.
    Mongolian Beef and Broccoli after being pressure cooked in the Instant Pot
  • Turn Instant Pot to "Saute" setting. Whisk together the cornstarch and 3 tablespoons water until it's smooth, then add that to the Instant Pot. Stir it constantly until the sauce starts to thicken. (This should only take a couple of minutes.)
    Mongolian Beef and Broccoli thickened with corn starch
  • Turn the Instant Pot "Off." Add the green onions to the Instant Pot and stir for another 2-4 minutes while stirring it constantly until your onions are to your desired tenderness. (This will also help thicken the sauce up.)
  • Serve your Mongolian Beef and Broccoli over cooked white rice. Drizzle with Sriracha, if desired.
    Mongolian Beef & Broccoli with Sriracha over it on a white plate


See Tips Below

Nutrition Information Per Serving

Calories: 542kcal | Carbohydrates: 65g | Protein: 42g | Fat: 12g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 91mg | Sodium: 2274mg | Potassium: 913mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 20g | Vitamin A: 471IU | Vitamin C: 68mg | Calcium: 106mg | Iron: 4mg

A couple of tips to help make your life easier.

How to tell if the sesame oil is hot?

One of the safest ways is to take a wooden spoon and touch it to the oil. If small bubbles start to form around the spoon, you’re ready to start browning the meat. If big bubbles form, it’s too hot.

Cook the beef in batches.

Brown the beef in smaller batches until all of the meat is browned. If you try to brown all of the beef at once, it won’t typically brown evenly. For the 2 pounds of meat above, it takes about 3 small batches to cook all of it.

Our favorite meat to buy online.

We buy our meat from ButcherBox. It’s grass-fed, grass-finished, free pasture grazing and humanely raised. At the end of the day, the meat is absolutely fantastic. It’s super flavorful and amazingly tender.

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