Honest ButcherBox Review: Is This Meat Delivery Service Worth It?

By now, you’ve probably heard of ButcherBox, and are asking yourself, “Is Butcher Box worth it?” I’ve been ordering boxes from ButcherBox on and off since 2017, and I’m finally sharing my experience in this ButcherBox review.

ButcherBox steaks, chicken wings, bacon and whole turkey on the table.

What is ButcherBox?

Butcher Box is a meat delivery subscription service delivering only the highest quality meat you can buy for your family. They have a variety of curated boxes that you can customize to the type of meat your family eats most often. I love them so much that became an affiliate for them, and I’ll make a small commission if you order through my links.

I have a family of meat lovers, so we like the mixed box, but you can customize your ButcherBox subscription to your preferences and even get all beef!

Since they only sell premium meats, you can expect to pay a higher price than you pay for cheap cuts of meat at your local grocery store. However, it’s less expensive than the prices I’ve seen at our local farmer’s market.

Even though it’s a bit more expensive on the budget to choose organic meat, the taste and quality of the meat makes it worth it. The meat quality is more like what you’d expect from a local butcher who works with a local farm that raises their animals with the highest standards free of antibiotics and hormones.

One of the best things is that my box of meat arrives on my front door step every month, on my chosen delivery date. It’s such a convenience factor and it makes meal planning so much easier when I know I’ll always have a freezer stocked with high quality meat.

A lot of the Butcher Box reviews you see are from people who’ve only tried one or two complimentary boxes. My family has sampled many boxes over the years, many of which we’ve purchased ourselves, so you can trust my experience in this ButcherBox review.

There’s a reason we always end up going back to ButcherBox meat when we stray to conventional meat for a while… it’s absolutely worth the extra cost.

ButcherBox Offers 4 Main Types of Meat.

  • Grass-Fed Beef. While the cuts available vary by month, some of the standard grass fed beef cuts they send are grass-fed ground beef, top sirloin steaks, steak tips, chuck roast, NY strip steaks and even filet mignon.
  • Free-Range Organic Chicken. Their free-range chicken is so much better than what you can get at the grocery store. In your box, you may find boneless skinless chicken breast, chicken wings, bone-in chicken thighs, or a whole chicken.
  • Heritage Breed Pork. For their heritage pork, you’ll often receive bacon (I love making air fryer bacon – it has great flavor), breakfast sausage, boneless pork chops, pork butt, ground pork and/or pork tenderloin.
  • Wild-Caught Seafood. While seafood isn’t their main focus, sometimes you’ll receive some delicious seafood such as salmon, cod, scallops, lobster or shrimp.

Sometimes they also have special offerings like:

  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (I love poached salmon) and Salmon Burgers.
  • Whole Turkeys (check out my Thanksgiving Turkey from ButcherBox).
  • Lobster Tails for special occasions.
  • Hot Dogs for cookouts.
Herb roasted turkey on large serving platter.
Herb Roasted Turkey from ButcherBox.

How Does Shipping Work?

Top of ButcherBox shipping box that reads, "high quality meat you can trust."

Each box includes free shipping and your meat comes packed in a special box with dry ice to keep your meat frozen. The box is delivered right to your front door, based on your chosen delivery frequency, so you don’t have to battle the crowds at the grocery store.

They also do their best to only use recyclable materials to keep their environmental impact as low as possible. That’s really important to me when shopping online!

ButcherBox Prices and Box Types.

Box of meat from ButcherBox, including 3 packs of bacon, 3 packs of chicken wings, 2 steaks and a whole turkey, shipped on dry ice.

The price of your box will depend on the box type you choose, and they all include free shipping.

Here are the types of boxes they currently offer:

  • Mixed Box. This is the classic box from Butcher Box and includes 8-11 pounds of beef, chicken and pork for $146 per month. If you want to break it down to the price per pound, it ranges from $13.27 to $18.25 per pound depending on the cuts you get. It’s a good option for your first box so you can get to know the different cuts of meat.
  • Beef Box. For $146 per month, you get 8-11 pounds of 100% grass fed and grass-finished beef. This also breaks down to $13.27 to $18.25 per pound. If you’re getting a standard sized box, the beef box is the best deal because grass-fed beef is usually more expensive than high quality chicken and pork.
  • Beef and Chicken Box. For $146 per month, you get 8-11 pounds of beef and chicken. This also breaks down to $13.27 to $18.25 per pound.
  • Beef and Pork Box. For $146 per month, you get 8-11 pounds of beef and pork. This also breaks down to $13.27 to $18.25 per pound.
  • Custom Boxes. For $169 per month, you get to choose 9-14 pounds from 25+ high-quality cuts of pasture-raised beef, organic chicken, heritage pork and/or wild-caught seafood. There’s also a Custom Big Box for larger families, which includes double the meat for less than double the cost at $306.
  • Basic Box. This box includes 7-7.5 pounds of beef, chicken and pork, so It’s the lowest priced box at $99 per month. It’s also a great way to try a bit of each type of quality meat Butcher Box has.
  • Gift Boxes. In addition to the monthly subscription boxes, you can also order gift boxes from ButcherBox with different themes. Some include Steak Lovers, Chicken Sampler, Seafood Box, ButcherBox Favorites, Premium Grill Box and the Ultimate Variety Box.
Pan fried ribeye steaks from ButcherBox.
Pan seared Ribeye steaks from ButcherBox are juicy and tender.

Best of all, if you get your first meat delivery subscription box and realize you like certain cuts of Butcher Box meat better, you can switch your next box to something different. It’s really convenient to be able to switch it up each month depending on what you want to eat and what box size you need.

Shipment from ButcherBox that includes a whole turkey, 3 packs of bacon, 3 packs of chicken wings and 2 steaks.

Special Offers for ButcherBox Members.

Butcher Box frequently features limited time offers like free bacon, ground beef or seasonal items like turkeys and cookout bundles when you first sign up. Check out Butcher Box’s current special… it’s always changing. Most often, they offer free bacon for life.

Air fried bacon on white plate.
Air Fryer Bacon made with ButcherBox bacon.

They also have member deals, so you don’t want to delay signing up so you can take advantage of those specials. I usually find myself adding at least one thing to my box each month because of a good deal. And don’t worry, you can cancel anytime or pause your subscription if you need to take a break.

Butcher Box Competitors.

While Butcher Box was the first meat delivery service I tried, there are a lot more competitors today than when they opened. I put together a whole list of the best meat delivery services, but here is a little info about a few companies that offer meat similar in quality to ButcherBox.

  1. Crowd Cow. Another meat delivery service with high quality meats is Crowd Cow. With their membership, you get 5% off your orders and the ability to customize your monthly box.
  2. Rastelli’s. Rather than a subscription model, Rastelli’s is a online meat delivery company that allows you order individual items rather than a monthly box.
  3. Snake River Farms. This meat company allows you to order individual cuts of meat you like, or choose one of their curated boxes.

Some other meat companies you may have heard of like Omaha Steaks only sell grain-fed beef, chicken and pork. If you’re focused on clean eating, stick with grassfed beef, crate-free heritage breeds of pork and organic free-range chicken from farms you trust… like ButcherBox’s partner farms.

I hope my honest ButcherBox review gives you the info you need to try the high-quality meat from Butcher Box. In my opinion, grass-fed meat is the best way to feed my family, and we all love ButcherBox meats.

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