Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers Kids Craft

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Are you looking for a cute Valentine’s Day craft for kids as an alternative to traditional cards? These DIY Treat Poppers are fun and easy to make.

Three DIY treat poppers for Valentines Day on a table

I love fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. There are so many options, and my girls love upcycling everything around them.

Typically, I use our toilet paper rolls to make fire starters, but we have more than I need, so we wanted to use them for something fun. These treat poppers were inspired by our New Year’s Eve Party Poppers.

Instead of confetti, you can fill them with candy, toys and other treats. This Valentine’s Day kids craft is simple enough for preschool aged kids, but can be fun for older kids too. Just tailor what you fill them with to the appropriate age level and everyone will be happy.

Close up of finished Valentine's Day Treat Poppers

Cute Kids Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers Craft Tutorial

Learn how to make treat poppers for Valentine's Day with upcycled toilet paper rolls in this easy tutorial.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes


  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Baker’s twine - or ribbon
  • Valentine’s Day themed tissue paper
  • Heart stickers
  • Small party favors
  • Valentine's Day candy


  • School glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  • Fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise, then cut a piece that’s approximately 10-12" long. Place a toilet paper tube on top of the tissue paper and tape it into place. If you'll be gifting these Valentine's Day Treat Poppers to younger children, it can make it easier for them to "pop" them if you cut the toilet paper tube in half before covering it in tissue paper. See my New Year's Eve Party Poppers Tutorial for images on how to do this.
    Heart print tissue paper being taped onto a toilet paper roll.
  • Roll the toilet paper tube up completely in the tissue paper, then use a small piece of tape to secure the tissue paper in place.
    Heart print tissue paper wrapped around a toilet paper tube then taped in place.
  • Use baker’s twine to tie off one end of the tissue paper.
    Tissue paper over a toilet paper tube tied off at one end with baker's twine.
  • Fill the toilet paper tube with cute party favors and candy! Tie off the other end of the tissue paper covering the toilet paper tube with baker's twine.
    Toilet paper tube filled with candy and toys, covered in heart print tissue paper and tied closed with baker's twine.
  • Decorate the front of the tube with heart shapes or stickers.
    Cute heart stickers added to the finished Valentine's Day Treat poppers. It's such a cute and easy craft for kids.
  • These make perfect gifts for your child’s classmates for Valentine’s Day!
    Two homemade treat poppers for Valentine's Day on a white washed wood table

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