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Kids Sing Along Shows & Movies Streaming on Netflix

Are you looking for a cute, music inspired kids show or movie to stream on Netflix? You’ll love this list of the best sing along shows and movies streaming on Netflix now.

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Here’s a great list of sing-along shows & movies on Netflix, broken down by age: Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers, Elementary aged and Tweens & Teens.

Sing-along shows and movies can be incorporated into homeschooling. The idea about homeschooling is to keep it fun. Here are a few ideas you could implement with the sing-along shows & movies.

  • Create a dance – kids can create a dance that goes to their favorite song and perform it for you.
  • Create a dance for the teacher – yes, have your kids create a dance for you based on one of the songs, teach it to you and have you perform it for them.
  • Create a song – often kids are inspired by the music they hear, so ask them to create a song for you and perform it.
  • Write a poem – maybe creating a song isn’t your kid’s jam, so ask them to write a poem.
  • Write a report – I lay out exactly how we do reports from TV shows on our Shows to Watch for Netflix post.

Sing-Along Shows & Movies for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

1. The Beat Bugs

2. Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum

3. Story Bots Super Songs

4. True: Magical Friends

5. Motown Magic

6. Mother Goose Club

7. Dance & Sing with True

8. Beat Bugs: All Together Now

9. Loo Loo Kids

10. ChuChuTV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

11. True Tunes

12. Veggie Tales in the House

13. Super Monsters Monster Party

14. Leapfrog Sing Along Read Along

15. Barbie Princess Adventure

Sing Along Shows & Movies for Elementary School Age Kids

1. Trolls: The Beat Goes On

2. Pup Star

3. Pup Star: World Tour

4. Pup Star: Better2gether

5. Shrek the Musical

6. Mary Poppins Returns

7. The Princess and the Frog

8. Julie’s Greenroom

9. Heidi, bienvenida a casa

10. Fiddler on the Roof

Sing-Along Shows & Movies for Tweens & Teens

1. Victorious

2. Big Time Movie

3. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

4. Go Live Your Way

5. Lost & Found Music Studios

6. Tini: the New Life of Violetta

7. Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

8. Miss Americana

9. Glee

10. JEM and the Holograms

11. West Side Story

12. Feel the Beat

13. Julie and the Phantoms

13. Sing On!

14. Black Pink Light Up the Sky

If you’ve watched everything there is to see on Netflix, there’s always Hulu, Disney+, CuriosityStream and Prime Video!

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