Best Compostable & Recyclable Coffee Pods (Keurig and Nespresso)

A list of the best coffee pods for Keurig and Nespresso Machines that are compostable or recyclable. The pros and cons of each eco-friendly option explained.

Glory Brew "The Duke" compostable coffee pods in vacuum sealed bag.

I love the convenience of single serve coffee brewers like Keurig and Nespresso machines. The environmental impacts of single-use plastics? Not so much.

Since I didn’t want the guilt of tossing disposable K-Cups in the garbage every day, I did a ton of research on compostable and recyclable coffee pods to find the best option.

What I learned is there is no simple answer to whether compostable or recyclable k-cups are better for the environment. There are pros and cons to using each type of single-serve coffee pods.

If you’re trying to choose the best coffee pods for your eco-friendly lifestyle, I’ve done the research to help make it easier for you. Read the whole post or jump to the section you’re most interested in.

What Does Compostable Mean?

Compostable means the material is certified to break back down into soil under the right conditions. There are 2 types of compostable materials:

  1. Industrial certified compostable materials need to be composted at a special facility.
  2. Home certified compostable materials are certified to break down in a home compost pile.

Coffee pods fall in the second category. They need to be taken to a commercial composting facility in order to break down into organic matter.

Few people have access to these types of municipal food waste programs, so it makes you wonder…

Can you compost coffee pods at home?

If you’re wondering how do compostable coffee pods work, you may be surprised to learn that they typically will not break down in a home compost pile. There are currently no coffee single serve pods certified for home composting.

The Tayst website says some home composters do have success composting coffee pods. However, it takes much longer than it would at an industrial facility and some of them shred the pods first so they break down faster. There’s no guarantee it’ll work.

If there isn’t an industrial composting facility near you, compostable may not necessarily be better than recyclable. You need to weigh the options based on your own circumstances.

Is compostable different than biodegradable?

You put biodegradable pods directly into the garbage. They can’t be composted.

I don’t see many coffee pod companies in the United States making biodegradable claims because it’s not that exciting to say, “put this in your normal trash.” If you think you’re looking for biodegradable coffee pods, you should probably look for fully compostable pods instead because they will break down more quickly.

What Does Recyclable Mean?

In the case of coffee pods, recyclable means that you can put them in your home recycling bin that’s picked up by the city. You do have to dispose of the coffee grounds before you recycle coffee pods, so a lot of people just trash them.

I do not include special recycling programs that are only available in select areas as recyclable.

Which Coffee Pods are More Eco Friendly?

Knowing that one option isn’t necessarily better for the environment, I put together a list of the best compostable and recyclable coffee pods for coffee lovers. The original list was focused on Keurig compatible coffee capsules because that’s what I’ve been using for a long time.

However, I’ve had an increase in questions about Nespresso Pods. While I don’t have a Nespresso machine myself (I have my eye on this Nespresso machine), I added a section below about eco-friendly espresso pod options.

If your area has industrial / curbside compost services, compostable pods are the most eco-friendly choice. However, if you don’t, you’re probably better off going with recyclable (and actually recycling them).

Best Compostable Keurig Pods

There are a ton of compostable K-Cups available now and most of them use the same pod technology that needs to be sent to an industrial facility (unless you want to try the hack mentioned above). Here are a few of my favorite single serve coffee brands.

Glory Brew Compostable Pods

I really like Glory Brew from Gourmesso – their coffee pod subscription service is convenient and reasonably priced. The coffee tastes great and they have multiple flavor and strength options (from light to dark roast and everything in between).

I like The Duke medium roast for an everyday coffee.

Glory Brew compostable coffee pods in newly opened bag.

Their pods are Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified, which is what you want to look for to know it’s going to completely decompose when sent to an industrial compost facility.

I recommend starting with the Glory Brew Variety Pack. That way, you can see which strength you like most. If you like flavored coffee, you have to try the Glory Brew Sir Hazelnut Coffee.

Tayst Compostable Coffee Pods

Tayst also has great eco friendly coffee pods that are roasted fresh every month. They are completely plastic free and 100% compostable in industrial facilities.

The Tayst coffee subscription is simple and affordable. You start by choosing how many cups per month you want. Then you choose your favorite flavors and strengths – mix and match as much as you want.

Your selected coffee pods show up at your door each month. Learn more about the Tayst coffee club.

Best Recyclable Keurig Coffee Pods

Recyclable coffee pods pretty much all use the same packaging technology – plastic coffee pods – so it’s more about the grounds inside. I typically choose organic coffee that’s also Rainforest Alliance Certified… actually the only coffee brand I really drink now is Purity Coffee.

Purity Coffee Pod in Protect blend in Keurig single serve brewer.

Of course, there are some pretty delicious coffee brands out there. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Purity Recyclable Coffee Pods (read my full Purity Coffee review to learn why it’s the only brand I buy now)
  2. Bulletproof Single Serve Coffee Pods
  3. Marley Coffee One Love
  4. Newman’s Own Special Blend

Best Compostable Nespresso Pods

One of the best choices for compostable Nespresso Pods is also Gourmesso. You can see a great comparison between Nespresso and Gourmesso pods.

Compostable Nespresso espresso pods in a cardboard box.

All of their Eco Line pods are free of plastic and aluminum. There are 5 varieties of espresso capsules to choose from in compostable packaging. All of them are fair trade and some are organic.

Like the K-Cups, compostable Nespresso Pods are only compostable at industrial facilities. They aren’t designed to break down with organic materials in your backyard compost.

Check out the full line of Gourmesso Eco Pods to see all of the flavors and strengths.

Best Recyclable Nespresso Pods

Nespresso pods are typically made from aluminum, not plastic. These Nespresso pods are only recyclable at special drop off points – not at home.

Fortunately, there are some brands making recyclable Nespresso pods that can be put in your recycling bin. One brand using recyclable materials is Gourmesso. Their BPA free plastic pods can be recycled at home.

Gourmesso has even more varieties of espresso in recyclable pods than their compostable ones. Shop all blends for Nespresso Machines.

Best Reusable Pods for Ground Coffee

Another alternative to buying disposable coffee pods is to use a reusable coffee pod. You pack these stainless steel or plastic cups with your own coffee grounds each morning, and then wash them between uses.

If you only drink one cup of coffee a day, this can be a convenient option since you’ll only need one Reusable Single Cup from Coffee Wholesale USA. If you drink more than that, it can be a pain to keep cleaning out the pod between uses so you may want to get a 6-pack of Reusable Cups instead.

Coupon Code: Get 10% off at Coffee Wholesale USA with coupon code happymothering.

If you want to fill your pods with quality coffee, read about the best coffee beans in the world.

Bonus: Best Eco-Friendly Tea Capsules

Gourmesso also has tea capsules for the Nespresso Machine. They have black tea, green tea, chai, mint and fruit. See the full Gourmesso Tea line here.

There are lots of tea options available for Keurig machines too. Cross Country Cafe has popular brands like Celestial Seasonings and Twinings in a variety of flavors. Be sure to check out all the Tea K-Cups at Cross Country Cafe.

As you can see, you can use a single cup coffee brewer like this space saving Keurig machine and still reduce your carbon footprint. I hope you discovered a new coffee (or tea) brand to try on this list.

And one reminder: it’s important to clean your Keurig regularly. Check out my tutorial on How to Clean a Keurig for the easiest way to clean it naturally.

And if you’re up for an adventure, learn how to make French Press Coffee or get my recipe for Starbucks Copycat Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Coffee.

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  1. There is a gadget for cutting the tops off the pods so you can compost the grounds and recycle the pods. It’s time consuming but you can do some while taking a break = (coffee break?).

  2. Hello there, I use reusable coffee pods for my Keurig. I have 6 if them and just let the grounds dry out during the day so they’re easy to dump into our compost bucket and then clean in the sink using an old toothbrush.
    Using these reusable pods has saved thousands of K-cup pods from going into the garbage.

  3. Thank for your article on these compostable coffee pods, wish there more of those on store shelves. Standard k cups are too difficult to recycle and those are the most popular, I wish every company would take a look at the eco pod k cups and make a change.

  4. I use SF Bay compostable K-cups. These have a paper rather than foil top. Many new K-cup brewers now have multiple needles piercing the top of the pod. My question is do these new machines with 3-5 needles destroy the paper pod top during brewing process and splatter grounds everywhere including into the coffee cup? I have often wondered if the Keurig move to multiple needles was a ploy to force people to by their green mountain brand k-cups (in that they all have foil tops. Any experience with this?

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