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Ultimate List of Compostable Coffee Pods & Recyclable K-Cups

Are you looking for eco-friendly options for your Keurig coffee maker? We spent a lot of time putting together the ultimate list of compostable coffee pods and recyclable K-Cups for you! (Updated on 6/17/2020)

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I only drink one cup of coffee per day (occasionally 2 cups) and my husband doesn’t drink coffee every day. So, several years ago I decided a Keurig coffee maker made the most sense for our home. However, I did not want the environmental guilt of tossing disposable K-Cups in the garbage every day.

I picked up a reusable K-Cup, but couldn’t shake the fact that it was made of plastic even though it was reusable. So, several years ago, I did a ton of research on compostable coffee pods and recyclable K-Cups.

At the time, I only found one compostable K-Cup brand on the market and a handful of recyclable brands. A few years later and there are so many brands offering compostable coffee pods – many of them filled with organic coffee grounds.

During that research, I decided to put together a list of compostable coffee pods and recyclable K-Cups so you can find the right one for you. I even found that brands are making tea-bag style pour over coffee bags you can use without a Keurig.

Even though it’s not organic, I really like Glory Brew and find their subscription service to be convenient and reasonably priced. Their pods are BPI certified, which is what you want to look for to know it’s actually going to completely decompose properly when sent to an industrial compost facility.

I also really like Tayst compostable coffee pods. They have a great trial offer where you get 20 cups of coffee for $8. If you like it, you can keep a monthly subscription.

To make it easy, I broke the list down into 5 areas:

  1. Compostable coffee pods with organic coffee grounds
  2. Compostable coffee pods with non-organic coffee grounds
  3. Recyclable K-Cups with organic coffee grounds
  4. Recyclable K-Cups with non-organic coffee grounds
  5. Bonus: Reusable and disposable K-Cup options for ground coffee

Check out the list below – I hope you find a new brand of coffee to wake up to every morning.

1. Compostable Coffee Pods with Organic Coffee Grounds

2. Compostable Coffee Pods with Non-Organic Coffee Grounds

3. Recyclable K-Cups with Organic Coffee Grounds

4. Recyclable K-Cups with Non-Organic Coffee Grounds

5. Use Your Own Ground Coffee

Reusable K-Cups:

Disposable K-Cups

You can use a single cup coffee brewer like a Keurig and still make more eco-friendly choices. I hope you discovered a new coffee brand to try on this list. And if you’re up for an adventure, you can venture over to learn how to make French Press Coffee.

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