8 Little Known Uses for Silica Gel Packets

Do you usually toss those little silica gel packets that come in shoe boxes and other new products? Learn how to reuse them instead with these 8 little known uses for silica gel packets.

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Silica Gel packets. You know, those little pouches we find in things like shoe boxes, toys, containers and other items that are purchased new. They help to maintain freshness, smell and humidity. But what can you do with those packets other than throw them away after opening the package?

You’d be surprised by how useful these little packets of silica gel can be! There are so many ways to reuse them instead of tossing them in the trash.

Check out these awesome tips for using those silica gel packets – you’ll want to start saving them after you read this! (Be careful using silica gel packets anywhere in reach of children.)

8 Little Known Uses for Silica Gel Packets

1. Protect Photos

Adding a few silica gel packets to a box full of photos will keep moisture out, protecting the images from being ruined in humid areas.

2. Protect Silver

If you have real silver at home, you know how easily it can tarnish. Try storing it all in the same container, and add a few packets to the storage container. Silica gel packets will prevent silver from tarnishing.

3. Dry Makeup Bag

Makeup bags can contain many liquid items. They can also absorb water when you store it in the bathroom. Placing a silica packet or two into the makeup bag can soak up that moisture, as well as soak up any spills that may occur within the bag leaving those dry makeups powdery and preventing them from clumping.

4. Store Seeds

Storing seeds can be difficult if you live in a moist or humid area of the world. The seeds can easily start growing mold, which will ruin them. Storing seeds with some of these packets in the same bag or container will soak up moisture, preventing mold.

5. Clear a Foggy Windshield

Preventing foggy windshields is easy. Simply place a few silica gel packets in your car near the windshield, and you’ll have fog free driving.

6. Store Pet Food

Certain pet foods can begin to get too moist or wet while in their own bag or container from their ingredients. To prevent this, tape a few silica gel packets to the inside of the bag or lid of the container. Do not allow it to touch the food. This will prevent too much moisture from staying in the storage area.

7. Window Sill

If your interior windows tend to have condensation, you can solve this issue by using silica gel packets. Place them on the window sills of the windows that are having issues. Be sure to be extra careful with this one if you have children.

8. Protect Documents

Many families keep a binder, box or safe with important documents in it. These paper documents can easily get ruined with water, humidity and moisture. Placing a few silica gel packets in with these documents will create a non-humid environment for the papers.

Living green means using the things we have around us in new ways. These are just a handful of the many amazing, little-known uses for silica gel packets. Next time you find one stashed in a new product, store it for later use.

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