Do You Have a Water Preparedness Plan?

Tracking PixelWater is the source of all life. Seriously. Without water, none of us would be here today. It’s vital – there’s no other way to put it. So, I want to thank Primo® for sponsoring this conversation about the importance of purified water.

Drinking purified water is important every day, but it's even more important during power outages. Learn how we ensure we always purified water in our home.

The scary thing is that even though water is vital to good health, if you choose unclean water, your health will suffer the consequences. That’s why drinking purified water is so incredibly important these days. When you know better, you do better.

The invention of running water changed humanity for the better. But we didn’t know everything right from the start. For example, who would choose to install lead pipes over copper pipes in their home? Probably nobody, but many houses still have old lead pipes in the walls that transport water. So even if the water was purified at the municipal source, it may not be quite so potable once it comes out of your tap.

Since we live in a rental home, and it’s an older home that could potentially have old pipes, we choose to only drink water that has been purified. We recently added a Primo water dispenser to our home so that we all have easy access to purified water.

Watch me unbox our Primo Water Dispenser and I’ll show you how to get it set up too!

Here’s everything you need to know about Primo Water so you can make a decision about what’s best for your family!

My Family Stays Hydrated!

I love the convenience of always having purified water available through a dispenser. It makes it easier to make sure the kids are drinking enough water.

Kaylee dispensing cold water from the Primo water dispenser into a mason jar mug with a bee on it

Did you know that adding a water dispenser to your home results in families drinking 25% more water? That’s a pretty substantial increase, which is especially important for those of us living in the mountains! I always worry about my kids becoming dehydrated because the altitude can dehydrate quickly, so I love knowing that my family is staying hydrated.

The kids think the Primo water dispenser is fun – especially since they can choose, hot, cool or cold water – so they’re always drinking water! And I absolutely love that I can get hot water right out of the dispenser now. I’m a huge tea drinker and this saves me so much time throughout the day! I’ve even been thinking of putting my electric tea kettle away, which is something I never imagined I’d do.

Primo water dispenser dispensing hot water into a clear glass cup over a tea bag

Water Purity Matters

Having an awesome dispenser means nothing though if the water you’re drinking is contaminated. Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes filtration, reverse osmosis and sterilization, so you can feel comfortable allowing your family to drink it.

It has a nice, clean taste when you drink it. That’s the complete opposite of tap water where we live!

Water Dispensers are Better for the Environment

Are you still using single use plastic water bottles? If you are, it’s time to switch to a reusable water bottle and a Primo water dispenser. I was astounded to learn that each 5-gallon bottle of Primo water prevents 1,100 single-use water bottles from ending up in our landfills and oceans. That’s amazing!

I have always been a huge environmentalist and we’re always trying to make healthier choices for our bodies and the planet. So, knowing exactly how many single use plastic bottles one 5-gallon reusable bottle saves was really uplifting.

If you’re worried about BPA, the Primo water bottles are BPA free. Instead of buying a case of single-use plastic water at the grocery store, consider switching to a more environmentally friendly option like reusable bottles and purified water from a dispenser.

Primo bottom loading water dispenser in a kitchen with a mason jar on the drip tray

Refilling our Primo Water Dispenser

Primo has locations around the country where you can get Exchange Water or Refill Water. Both options are purified through Primo’s water purification process that we talked about.

I love the ability to get Exchange Water because then I don’t have to sit there and wait for the bottles to fill. My time is the most important resource I have!

Exchange water comes in a sanitized bottle and has added minerals for great taste whereas Refill water has no minerals added. So if you either do or do not want added minerals in your water, take that into consideration.

Take your empty bottle back to the store to recycle it. Refill stations are located inside and outside of retailers, depending on the area. Find them here.

If you would rather refill the same bottle over and over again instead of exchanging yours for a new one each time, there’s that option too (and there are more locations for this option). We like to keep an extra bottle or two on hand so we won’t run out of water too quickly. We try to time refills with grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments or other errands.

If you want to convert your Exchange bottle to a Refill bottle, it’s best to order a cap from the Primo website to make transporting it easier.

Family Preparedness and Water

But what happens when the power goes out? These types of situations often happen when we least expect it and things can literally change in a moment. Boil orders can come without warning. Do you have a plan for your family’s water source if the water gets shut off?

At first, I wasn’t sure about a water dispenser that required electricity because we’ve had quite a few power outages here in the mountains, especially when there’s bad weather. Then I found out we could get a manual pump with our dispenser to allow us to easily access the water, even without electricity.

Primo manual pump still in the box on a table

So, we went with the Primo water dispenser and got the manual pump, so we always have that on hand. It’s one simple thing we can do as a family to be more prepared for power outages and similar situations. It’s so popular it’s already sold out on the website, but it is available on the Walmart website.

The manual pump can be used for more than power outages though! You can take it with you camping or to your kids’ sporting events to encourage people to stop using single use plastic water bottles.

How to Get Your Primo Water Dispenser

Are you ready to help your family drink more water that has been purified while also reducing your footprint? Visit the Primo website to figure out which dispenser is right for you.

We have the Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser, but there are other options, including one with a pet hydration station! I love the bottom loading feature because it means I can change the water bottle without my husband’s help – no heavy lifting required!

Hand on the handle of a 5 gallon Primo water bottle in a bottom loading dispenser

You can find Primo water at many big-box retailers like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Kroger and other grocery store chains. The easier way to find a Primo water location near you is to use the Primo Store Locator. You can purchase the dispensers at many big-box retail stores and on the Primo website. Note, the promo codes I’ve shared are only valid for the Primo website.

Be Sure to Read Your Welcome Mailer!

After you receive your Primo water dispenser, be sure to check out the welcome mailer. It has everything you need to best use Primo water in your home!

Primo water dispenser welcome mailer on a table

Visit the Primo website for more information on adding a water dispenser to your home.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Primo.