Purity Coffee Review: Best Coffee Beans in the World?

Look no further to learn about the best coffee beans in the world. After trying brand after brand of coffee, I’ve finally found the best – Purity Coffee.

Purity Coffee beans in a bowl next to a 5lb bag of Original Roast.

If you’re anything like me, you need a good cup of coffee to start the day. Well, maybe a few cups to really start the day off right.

We’ve been drinking various organic coffee brands for several years now to try and avoid the pesticides used on most coffee plants. However, I never had a “favorite.” That is, until a happy accident happened.

I was doing research on the best compostable and recyclable coffee pods and trying samples from various brands. Purity Coffee was supposed to send me a sample of their coffee pods, but what showed up in the mail was a bag of whole coffee beans.

At the time, I was only using my Keurig, so I set it aside and kind of forgot about it. My Keurig died and we started drinking brewed coffee again. When we ran out of beans, I remembered the bag Purity sent me, so I dug it out and brewed a pot.

Both my husband and I were instantly hooked on Purity Coffee. They seriously have the best whole bean coffee and it doesn’t even come close to any other brand I’ve tried.

Previously, I enjoyed adding cream and sugar to my coffee. With Purity, I actually prefer black coffee! It has such a wonderful taste. I never thought I’d say that… but I am. I’ve been drinking it black for over a year now and don’t see myself going back.

The first thing I do every morning is brew a pot of Purity Coffee. Having a few cups of coffee is the best way to start my day off right, and I love that I’m drinking a high quality brew.

What does Purity Coffee taste like?

The beans are incredibly smooth with absolutely no bitter taste. In terms of flavor, it’s also unlike any other coffee I’ve tried. It’s hard to put into words, but it just tastes clean and fresh compared to some other beans I’ve tried. Since there’s no bitterness, it almost has a naturally sweet taste, but without any added sugar.

I knew it was good but didn’t realize just how good until we ran out and had to pick up a bag of coffee at our local grocery store. It was a more expensive bag of organic coffee… and it was barely drinkable. It’s still sitting mostly full in my kitchen, so I’ll have to make a body scrub out of it so it doesn’t go to waste.

The Purity Standard = great coffee.

I’ve truly never tasted better coffee. That’s probably because they only use the highest quality beans, so you know you’re getting the purest coffee available today. Purity’s standards are second-to-none when it comes to delivering the best beans.

They source their Arabica beans from high-altitude farms around the world. Rather than focusing on a single country to try and deliver a single origin coffee brand, they’re simply focused on delivering the best organic coffee beans possible.

They may come from any country with coffee farms at high altitudes, such as Indonesia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Brazil. The arabica coffee beans simply must meet the stringent criteria of the Purity Health Profile, which is essentially a list of requirements the coffee beans must meet to be considered pure.

The Purity starting point is organic beans, and from there they do extensive lab testing on every batch of organic green coffee beans they source for mold, fungus, mycotoxins, pesticides and Ochratoxin A (which can lead to kidney damage). They also inspect all of the coffee beans to ensure they have zero defects – they only want perfect coffee beans with the least number of defects.

Apparently, when coffee beans are broken, cracked or chipped, they end up with an uneven roast profile, and that can contribute to the production of carcinogenic compounds. When you open a bag of Purity Coffee, one thing you’ll notice is that all of the roasted beans are perfectly shaped and they’re not oily either.

Purity Coffee beans in a bowl next to the 5 pound bag.

They use a unique roasting process that ensures the maximum level of antioxidants while avoiding cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) compounds in their certified organic coffee. They actually use a smokeless roaster and do not roast the beans at a high temperature, which is very different from most coffee roasters.

Plus, they roast in small batches, and ship direct to their customers within 48 hours of the roast date. That means you always get super fresh coffee that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf collecting mold and oxidizing. That is, as long as you buy direct from Purity. If you order from a reseller, you won’t get such fresh beans.

Purity’s relentless focus on quality and strict adherence to delivering the highest standard of coffee has led to Purity being graded as Specialty Grade Coffee (which is a grading only given to defect-free coffee).

They are the only brand to go to this length of ensuring they provide the best coffee by starting with the source and going all the way until it hits your cup. And they’ve even done the scientific research to prove it.

It’s a family business.

As a small business owner myself, I love supporting other family businesses. Purity Coffee was founded by Andrew Salisbury and Jon Butcher. The idea for Purity was born when Andrew’s wife Amber experienced a downward turn in her health, and coffee was the only thing propping up her low energy levels.

All of the research that went into building Purity was Andrew’s way of trying to find the absolute best coffee for his wife’s overall health. I loved reading about everything that went into the development of this company. It’s truly an inspiring story and one I personally relate to!

Read the full Purity background story.

3 types of coffee beans for all coffee lovers.

Purity has 3 primary types of coffee they sell, including medium roast, dark roast and decaf coffee. They do not have a light roast, and you won’t miss it. My personal preference is usually lighter roasts, but I love their medium body beans (aka the Original Roast). And, while I’m not not a fan of dark roast coffees, Purity’s version is better than any I’ve tried.

All of their different roasts are available in both 12oz bags and 5lb bags. You will not regret picking up a bag of beans from Purity Coffee.

In the pod form, they’re filled with coffee grounds, so you don’t get quite the freshness of grinding your own beans, but Purity Coffee’s pods are still pretty great compared to some other coffee pods.

If you’re a decaf drinker, they have decaf coffee pods, decaf whole beans and decaf coffee sachets. I haven’t tried the decaf myself since I need the caffeine, but I’ve heard great things about it.

Purity has coffee sachets too!

They recently introduced Pocket Purity coffee sachets. They’re made from biodegradable, plastic-free mesh, a lot like a tea bag, and filled with ground coffee. All you have to do is pop a sachet in a mug of hot water, and you can have Purity coffee on the go.

Pocket Purity Coffee Sachets from Purity Coffee.

The best coffee beans for cold brewing.

If you’re into cold brew coffee, you’ll love Purity’s original roast. The flavor profile is perfect, and since Purity already has low acidity, it makes a smooth cold brew.

If you like cold brew, check out my Copycat Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Recipe.

It’s a great choice for French press coffee.

I love using Purity in my French press. Just make sure to use medium-coarse coffee grounds. Get more tips in my post on how to make French press coffee.

Best espresso beans from Purity?

If you have an espresso machine, I recommend going with the dark roast coffee beans. They have a full body flavor profile and make a lovely fine grind. I’m usually not a fan of darker roasts, but theirs is great!

They have gift subscriptions!

Purity even offers a prepaid coffee subscription service that makes a great gift for your favorite coffee drinkers.

How much does Purity cost?

You can expect to pay a higher price for high-quality coffee like Purity. However, when compared to coffee shops, the price per cup is still quite low.

In my opinion, coffee houses overcharge for substandard coffee beans. I usually can’t tolerate the taste of black coffee from most coffee shops because they use cheap, low quality beans. I’d much rather get the best specialty coffee available and drink it at home because I know I can’t get anything equivalent there.

If you break down the numbers, you get 25-35 8 ounce cups of brewed coffee from each 12 oz bag of Purity organic coffee. At the current price, that means you’re paying as little as 70 cents per cup, which is far less than you’d pay at a local coffee shop.

For me, that’s a small price to pay for the best coffee beans in the world. Purity Coffee is the real deal when it comes to healthy coffee with a uniquely clean flavor that I can’t get enough of.

Plus, you can get 20% off with coupon code HAPPYMOTHERING.

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