Essentia Grateful Junior Mattress Review

Are you searching for a safer mattress for kids that’s also durable and comfortable? Read about our experience with the Essentia Grateful Bed JR mattress.

Are you searching for a safe mattress for kids that's also durable and comfortable? Read about our experience with the Essentia Grateful Bed JR mattress.

I swore up and down that I’d never own another memory foam mattress after our last experience. However, I learned that there’s one company – yes, just one company – that makes a natural memory foam mattress.

Say what? Yes, a natural memory foam mattress.

This super comfy natural memory foam mattress is made from Hevea milk, the milky white sap of the rubber tree, and essential oils like grapefruit seed, cone flower essence and jasmine essence. Plant extracts and water are added to create the feel of memory foam. So cool!

The company is Essentia, and they offer a range of natural memory foam mattresses. Knowing that I was looking for amazing kids’ mattresses, they offered to send us two of their Grateful Bed JR mattresses to review.

The Grateful Bed JR is the perfect organic mattress for kids from toddlers to teens (with a suggested max comfort weight of 110 pounds). It’s a 6 inch mattress made with certified organic latex and wrapped in organic cotton.

6" organic mattress from Essentia

The girls think the mattresses are super comfy. And I think they’re right.

They started sleeping really well as soon as they got their new mattresses from Essentia! And they’re still loving them almost 5 years later.

Zoe sleeps so well on her Grateful Bed JR from Essentia!

If you haven’t experienced a Grateful Bed Jr mattress, it starts out with a solid medium feel. As your child grows, the mattress will become a bit softer over time.

The mattress itself is made up of three separate layers. Inside, you’ll find the Contour Comfort Layer, which is a 3″ GOLS certified organic latex foam with dome-shaped pattern.

The Contour Comfort Layer in the Essentia Grateful Bed JR organic mattress.

This layer is covered with the Bucaneve Wrap, which is a thin protective liner to reduce friction wear.

Finally, the third layer is a removable organic cotton cover that is super soft, very durable and breathable. I like that I can remove the cover to clean it. That’s such a great feature with kids!

The cover of the Essentia Grateful Bed JR is removable, so it can be easily cleaned.

Beside sleeping, I’ve found that since we moved the girls into bunk beds, they feel a greater sense of independence because they have their own space.

Zoe loves having her own space now that she had an Essentia Grateful Bed JR mattress in her bunk bed she shares with her sister.

Zoë has her own area she can keep tidy and Kaylee can keep her bed loaded up with stuffed animals like Big Bear, who was never allowed in the Queen bed they had from My Green Mattress (the queen bed is now happily serving our guests).

The girls can have their own style in their bunk bed featuring Essentia Grateful Bed JR mattresses.

I’m super happy with the Grateful Bed JR mattresses from Essentia. They have made such a difference for our daughters!

If you’re on the hunt for a comfortable, durable and safer mattress for kids, check out the Grateful Bed JR mattress. It comes with a 20-year warranty, which is amazing for an organic mattress at this price.

They also have a base you can buy with your mattress. We aren’t using the base, and it seems to work fine with the bunk beds we have.

Top bunk, bottom view of the Essentia Grateful Bed JR mattress.

Essentia offers free shipping in the USA and Canada, and offers a 60-day money back guarantee. See their website for details and read more about Essentia.

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