Meal Planning Made Simple with Blue Apron

There are never enough hours in the day, but preparing a home cooked meal is a priority. We’ll show you how to make meal planning easy with Blue Apron.

Collage of images from Blue Apron Meal Kit: ingredients in refrigerator; Salmon Caesar Salad on white plate; Empanadas with carrots and cucumbers on white plate

The last few weeks have been totally crazy busy for our family, so I can tell you how relieved I was when Blue Apron offered to send me ingredients to make two meals for my family.

When my box arrived, it was really well packed with plenty of ice packs that were still frozen. All of the ingredients looked fresh as well.

Blue Apron meal kit box opened showing recipe cards and fresh ingredients

All of the ingredients for two meals (for four people each) fit easily on one shelf of our second fridge.

All ingredients from a Blue Apron meal kit on the shelf of the refrigerator

Salmon Caesar Salad for Dinner Night 1

The girls and I decided that we wanted to make the Salmon Caesar Salad that first night. I love how the ingredients are already portioned out, and that they sent wild – not farmed – salmon.

Fresh salmon, squash, bread rolls, lettuce and other ingredients for salmon salad from Blue Apron meal kit on dark wood table

The meal was fairly simple to make, although there were more steps in the process than something I’d consider quick and easy. It did taste great though! My girls and I polished our salads off.

Kaylee eating a salmon salad from our Blue Apron Meal Kit while sitting on the couch

Empanadas for Dinner Night 2

The second night, I let Zoë (age 9) make most of the meal on her own. She loves to cook, so I wanted to see if the meal was simple enough for her to make. I got all of the ingredients out for her and handed her the directions card.

Empanada wrappers, cucumbers and other ingredients for dinner on the table

She was able to follow the steps in the directions, but again, there were a ton of steps in making this meal. I ended up helping her because it was taking her longer than I’d like.

But I think she did a pretty good job. Looks just like the pictures on the recipe card!

Empanadas, cucumber salad and roasted carrots from Blue Apron on a white plate

So if you aren’t someone that cooks from scratch a lot, I’d give yourself a little bit of extra time. You’ll be able to create a meal that looks just like the included pictures, but just give yourself enough time.

I couldn’t eat this second meal because it wasn’t gluten free (some weeks Blue Apron has multiple gluten free options, other times they don’t). But I did eat the roasted carrots and cucumber salad and they were both yummy. I could have eaten all four portions of carrots on my own!

I never quite find the time to meal plan like I would prefer, but Blue Apron makes it a lot easier. Not only do they tell you what to make without the need to spend hours on Pinterest, but they send you the ingredients too. Super easy and straightforward. Now that’s my kind of meal planning.

If you are in a busy season of your life like we are, check out Blue Apron. Their meals taste great and it’s affordable compared to eating out too!

And if you like trying lots of meal delivery services, be sure to read my Hello Fresh review too!

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