is the Caraway ceramic Cookware set worth it?

Most Nonstick Cookware is Toxic

Traditional nonstick cookware, while convenient, uses a Teflon coating to create its non-stick surface. I avoid this type of cookware because it contains toxic chemicals.

Nonstick pans with a ceramic coating, like Caraway Cookware, are considered to be the safest type of cookware in this class.

Caraway Cookware Features

– Non-stick ceramic coating, aluminum core and stainless steel handles – Pan and lid storage – Works on all stovetop types  – Oven safe up to 550° F – Free of PTFE, PFOA, Heavy Metals and other PFAs

Keep Pots & Pans Safe

The pan storage solution keeps all of your Caraway cookware organized and safe so there are no unwanted scratches. Each section is magnetic and can be rearranged.

Keep Lids Organized

The Caraway Cookware Set even comes with a lid organizer that can be hung on the kitchen wall or the inside of a cabinet door so your lids are always clean and in reach.

Safe Non-Stick Coating

The ceramic non-stick coating that Caraway uses contains no harmful chemicals. It's totally non-stick and so easy to clean with a soft sponge and gentle detergent

My Favorite Cookware

This cookware set has a higher price than some other brands. However, the Caraway Cookware Set is totally worth its price tag.

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