How to Make Homemade Bronzer

Make Your Own Bronzer!

Learn how to make and apply the best DIY Bronzer with two natural ingredients – cocoa powder and cornstarch – in this easy makeup recipe.

If you want a beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin, applying a simple bronzer is a great way to achieve the look.

– Cornstarch – Cocoa powder – Ground turmeric – Small mixing bowl – Spoon – Half-pint mason jar – Large makeup brush

Supplies & Tools

How to Make Natural Bronzer at home


Start with a tablespoon of cornstarch and slowly add cocoa powder until you get a shade that embellishes your skin tone, then stir to mix well.

Mix Cornstarch & Cocoa Powder


To give your bronzer a more golden sheen, you can add in a bit of turmeric powder a little at a time until you get the right hue.

Add Turmeric (Optional)


Once you've created the perfect shade, store your homemade bronzer in a small mason jar and keep with your other cosmetics.

Store in a Mason Jar

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