DIY Natural Blush with 2 Ingredients

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Are you tired of overpaying for natural makeup and cosmetics? Learn how to make this easy DIY blush powder recipe with only two simple ingredients.

Jar of DIY blush on a table with a blush brush dipped in it ready to use

If you knew how easy and inexpensive it was to create your own perfect homemade blush shade, you probably wouldn’t buy it at the store again. Plus, you’d get the bonus benefit of getting to choose the ingredients in your blush.

Saving money? Getting your perfect shade? Controlling the ingredients? Sign me up!

Luckily, I have a super simple DIY Blush recipe for you to make that will have you in love with DIY makeup products from here on out!

We give suggestions for the bases as well as a variety of color options. Just blend the ingredients together until you get the a great organic blush if you choose all organic ingredients.

Best of all, this easy blush recipe is made with edible food ingredients unlike most mineral makeup options. You have to be careful with contamination in mineral makeup, so I like to offer safer options when I can.

If you want to be a safe natural blusher made without minerals, 100% Pure sells the best natural blush that I’ve tried.

Close up of homemade organic blush made with edible food ingredients

How to Make Blush with Natural Ingredients

Learn how to make this easy DIY blush recipe with only two simple ingredients. It's easy to customize to your skin tone.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes


Choose one for the base:

And one or more of the following for the color:

  • Beet root powder - for pink or red blushes
  • Hibiscus powder - for pink or red blushes
  • Cacao powder - For brown blushes
  • cinnamon powder - For brown blushes
  • Ground turmeric - For a golden glow


  • Half pint mason jar


  • Start with 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch or arrowroot powder, depending on how much blush you want to make. Add it to a small mixing bowl or directly to a food processor if you know you're going to have lumps that need to be smoothed out.
    Ingredients to make homemade pink blusher
  • Choose your shade from the list above (red/pink, brown or golden) and add one teaspoon at a time of one of the ingredients listed for the shade and stir well until you have the color you prefer. Test it on the back of your hand to get the right shade for your face.
    Arrowroot and beet root powder in small food processor
  • If it's lumpy at all, you'll want to run it through a blender or food processor.
    Smoothly blended homemade blush in small food processor
  • Place it into a small container with a lid. Something like a 4 ounce mason jar works great.
    Squat mason jar of homemade blush with an applicator brush

Where and How to Apply Blush

  • Apply your DIY Natural Blush with a big soft makeup brush across the apple of your check upwards.
    Big blush brush dipped in homemade blush made with natural ingredients


The blush pictured was made with beet root powder, and makes a soft pink loose blush that adds just a light color to your cheeks.
Be sure to make a note of your “recipe” so you can recreate it again when you need more blush.

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