DIY Honey Tea Face Wash

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Are you looking for the best DIY nourishing face wash recipe? This homemade facial cleanser uses natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize skin.

Are you looking for the best DIY nourishing face wash recipe? This homemade facial cleanser uses natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish skin.

I have dry skin, so I always have to make sure to include moisturizing ingredients in my homemade beauty products, including my face wash recipes. I love using jojoba oil and vitamin E oil in any of my cleansers to help restore the moisture in my skin.

I prefer to use chamomile tea rather than peppermint. However, if you have oily skin, you may prefer the peppermint tea instead.

The frankincense oil and ylang ylang oil are great for improving the appearance of skin, and they smell really nice together too. Especially combined with the honey, which also has moisturizing properties.

Since this is a water-based recipe, it will spoil more quickly than a sugar scrub or bath bomb. There are four people in our home using this DIY face wash, so we go through a bottle pretty quickly.

If you won’t use a bottle quickly, you may want to halve the recipe or considering a natural preservative like leucidal liquid. The Nerdy Farm Wife has a great post about natural beauty preservatives, so I’d check that out if you’re interested in learning about natural preservatives for beauty products.

Either way, you can whip up your own batch of nourishing honey tea face wash in around 5 minutes and be cleansing your skin right away!

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DIY Honey Tea Face Wash

This homemade facial cleanser uses natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize skin.
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Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Makes: 1 Bottle



  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Funnel


  • Add the honey and cooled herbal tea to a small mixing bowl, then whisk until the ingredients are well combined.
  • Whisk in the Castile soap, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils until everything is well combined. Be gentle so you don’t froth up the castile soap too much.
  • Pour the honey tea face wash mixture into the the foaming soap pump through a funnel, cap and label if desired.


1. You will need to shake the bottle to re-combine all of the ingredients before each use.
2. To use, wash your face as you normally would, then follow with your normal beauty routine

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11 thoughts on “DIY Honey Tea Face Wash”

  1. Blanca Cisneros

    Hello I am addicted to your blog .Thank you so much for sharing.How long does it lasts ? How you store it? Can I store it in the fridge ? Will it last longer?

    1. Thank you so much Blanca. We use ours up within a couple weeks. It’s not possible to calculate the shelf life of water based beauty products (without preservatives) because there are so many factors that go into it. The humidity where you live and in your bathroom. If the bottle gets opened. The quality of the ingredients used. That said, if you store beauty products in the refrigerator, they should last longer because the cooler temperature helps inhibit the growth of contaminants.

    2. Good morning from Bella Tu beauty & skincare ,ran across your blog & find some of your simplified recipes interesting & simple for individuals to comprise. As for the lip scrub a tad of phoenip will act as a preservative in case water should ever come in contact with lip scrub same with jellies. As for the facial wash a natural emulsifier could be used to keep the oil & water mixture cohesive.
      I’m going to continue follow you now ,like I said love the simpler of things .Food for thought ,I’ve made the loofah bars but have found a better response to my natural sea sponge soaps .Basically same process ,find a Tupperware that is rectangle or square or you can use a 4 or 6 cavity,but have to cut your sponge to size that it fits in the mold the height can be larger,same process with any melt & pour soap ,you can mix a cple different color and alternate pouring over sponge ,use mica glitter if prefer on top spritz with alchohol and let sit to set or to speed up setting process ,put in fridge.They make wonderful gifts & the sea sponge “and there’s many types” are great exfoliators.
      Thank you for sharing your DIY recipes & give it a whirl trying a sea sponge

    1. The shelf life will depend upon the circumstances the product was made in and is used in (e.g. whether all ingredients and supplies were sterile, humidity, water exposure, temperatures, etc.). I typically try to use water-based soaps like this face wash within a month or add a preservative like leucidal liquid. If it smells rancid or looks like anything is growing, definitely toss it sooner.

  2. I’ve made this a few times now and love it. I am the only one using this and use it twice a day. I dont recall how long it lasts (weeks) but I’ve never had an issue with it spoiling. I boil my water that I make the tea in if that helps at all. I also dont use foam pump as I find the oil clogs them fast, regular recycled hand soap pump for me.
    Thanks for the recipe! 😊

    1. Good question. You can use whichever essential oils you prefer. However, aloe is typically a substitute for water and honey is actually quite good in helping to soothe acne, so I’m not sure you’d want to skip that.

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