DIY Shaving Cream with Soothing Chamomile

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Looking for the best DIY shaving cream recipe made with natural ingredients? Our easy homemade shaving cream includes soothing chamomile for calm skin.

Jar of homemade shaving cream with razor

Sensitive skin is something both men and women deal with – especially in areas of the body we shave regularly. Nobody likes to deal with the red bumps and irritation that can come along with a bad shave.

Fortunately, you can give your skin a treat and help keep it looking and feeling good after shaving with a good DIY Shaving Cream. This soothing chamomile DIY shaving cream uses one of my favorite essential oils – Roman Chamomile oil.

This amazing gift from the earth has a calming effect on the skin, mind and body. So while you’re taking care of your skin, you can also have an aromatic treat for your mind and body too.

If you regularly make your own beauty products, then you probably have all of the ingredients on hand already.

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How to Make DIY Shaving Cream with Soothing Chamomile

This easy homemade shaving cream recipe includes soothing chamomile for calm skin.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Cooling Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes



  • Small mixing bowl
  • Measuring cups
  • Sauce Pan
  • Electric hand mixer
  • Glass storage jar


  • Add your coconut oil, Shea butter and sweet almond oil to the glass measuring cup, then place in a pan of warm water (or you can use a double boiler).
    Shea butter and coconut oil in a glass measuring cup on a brown wood table
  • Heat your ingredients in pan of water in the measuring cup until everything is melted, then remove the measuring cup from the pan and add the Roman Chamomile essential oil.
    Butter and oil melted in a glass measuring cup with a bottle of essential oils next to the cup.
  • Set your measuring cup in the fridge for about 30 minutes or until the mixture has hardened.
    Hardened mixture in a glass measuring cup
  • Remove your measuring cup from the fridge and use a hand mixer to whip your mixture until it has a frosting like consistency.
    DIY shaving cream being whipped up in a glass measuring cup


Because of the melting point of coconut oil, you will want to store in an 8-ounce sealed mason jar in the fridge until you want to use.

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    1. Since there aren’t any water-based ingredients in this shaving cream recipe, it should last for at least a few months. However, if water or moisture gets in the jar, or contaminated hands touch it, then that will accelerate the expiration.

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