Gluten Free Turkey Club

Great Bread is Key to a Good GF Sandwich!

Gluten-Free Sandwiches are easy to make as long as you have the right bread - I bake my own! Swipe up for the recipe... or read on for sandwich directions.

Once you have your soft, delicous gluten-free bread, you're ready to make the best turkey club sandwich you've had since going GF!


– 12 thin slices GF bread – Mayonnaise – Sea salt – Black pepper  – 4 leaves romaine lettuce – 8 thin tomato slices – 8 strips cooked bacon – 4 slices cheddar cheese – 4 slices turkey – 8 slices ham

How to Make a Tasty GF Turkey Club Sandwich


Butter Toast & Season the Bread

Lightly butter and toast your GF bread slices. Spread mayo over one slice and season with salt and pepper to taste.


Layer Lettuce, Tomato & Bacon

Layer one romaine lettuce leaf, two tomato slices and two sliced bacon strips that have been cut in half on 4 slices of bread.


Season and Layer More Bread Slices

Spread mayo over 4 more slices of bread, then season them each with salt and pepper. Lay over the bacon.


Season and Layer More Bread Slices

Next, layer one slice of cheese, two turkey slices and two ham slices on top of each slice of bread you just layered.

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