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Netflix Shows to Watch for Homeschoolers

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Ever consider homeschooling with Netflix? Here is a great list of shows to watch on Netflix for homeschoolers broken down by subject.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a homeschool lesson plan example that we use for how to write a report on a Netflix documentary.

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Homeschooling is what you make of it. If you make it hard, it’s going to be hard… if you make it fun and exciting, it’ll be fun and exciting.

While we do follow a pretty advanced homeschool curriculum with our daughters, we like to mix things up with educational shows and documentaries to break up the monotony of book work.

So their homeschooling doesn’t turn into “just watching TV,” we have our girls take hand written notes that will help them write a report on the show after they watch it.

For example, let’s say a series has 1-hour episodes… I would make sure the report covers no more than 2 episodes or 1 documentary. I feel after 2 hours of screen learning, everything starts to become a blur and it can be confusing for kids to write a report because of information overload.

It’s amazing that you can find shows to cover almost any subject you may be covering in your homeschool curriculum. Under this list of shows, you’ll find the process of how to have your kids write a report based upon what they watch.

Homeschool Appropriate Shows by Subject on Netflix

Here are some great shows streaming right now on Netflix that will get your kids psyched about learning. Some shows listed are kids shows for a younger audience and some are geared towards older kids and teens.

Without further ado, here are some great titles on Netflix right now, organized by subject so you can find what you’re looking for easily.


Netflix is one of the best sources for educational shows with a focus on science. Everything from Earth Science to Physics, Biology and more are covered on these shows.

1. Project MC2

Rated TV-G. 6 parts available.

First off, it’s pronounced Project MC-squared. It’s all about getting girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The show follows 4 highly intelligent, diverse teen girls who love STEM. It shows them working together to solve whatever problems they have.

2. The Magic School Bus

Rated TV-Y. 4 seasons available.

If you’ve never heard of The Magic School Bus, you probably had a very sheltered childhood. It’s a cartoon that follows a class that goes on wild adventures on the magic school bus, learning about new things the entire time.

It’s really engaging and interactive for kids. It’s definitely a classic!

Netflix also has its own additions to the classic show you’ll want to check out:

  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids in Space
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again: The Frizz Connection
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again: In the Zone

3. Mystery Science Theater

Rated TV-14. 2 seasons available.

Many parents remember this show from their childhood and now it’s back for today’s generation as a reboot. If your kid is into sci-fi or robots, they may like this show.

4. Unnatural Selection

Rated TV-MA. 4 episodes available.

This show is great for older children to get a grasp of how genetics works. Good information about today’s scientists are hacking biology and editing genes to do things like eradicate disease and select a child’s genetic makeup.

5. Bill Nye: Science Guy

Rated TV-PG. 1 hour 36 minutes.

This young adult science documentary makes a great addition to the homeschool curriculum. It has a great focus on the scientific method.

Netflix has also created its own modern version of this show: Bill Nye Saves the World, which is rated TV-14 with 3 seasons available.

6. Our Planet

Rated TV-PG. 8 episodes available.

This limited series explores the different regions of our planet. Kids can learn about a variety of topographies, including the desert, oceans, jungles, forests and more.

Be sure to watch Our Planet: Behind the Scenes to see more about how this series was made. Rated TV-G. 1 hour 3 minutes.

7. Untamed Romania

Rated TV-PG. 1 hour 32 minutes.

This is a fascinating look at Romania. It has one of Europe’s largest wilderness. This documentary is a great look at the nature and beauty of Romania.

8. Night on Earth

Rated TV-PG. 6 episodes available.

This is one of those addictive series that will draw you into your screen. It’s an amazing look at what happens in different parts of the earth at night.

You can also see behind the scenes in how this series was made in Night On Earth: Shot in the Dark. Rated TV-PG. 59 minutes.

9. Chasing Coral

Rated TV-PG. 1 hour 29 minutes.

The coral reef is an essential part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and a fascinating topic to study in homeschool science. This documentary follows scientists who are attempting to document the disappearance of coral reefs around the world.

Beautiful shots make you feel like you’re underwater with the divers!

10. Emily’s Wonder Lab

Rated TV-Y. 1 season available.

Emily’s Wonder Lab is all about making STEAM subjects fun. This show is full of experiments, activities and demonstrations to get elementary age kids thrilled about science.

11. Absurd Planet

Rated TV-PG. 1 season available.

Kids can learn about different animals in a funny, engaging way through Absurd Planet. They’ll discover animals they’ve never heard of – and you probably haven’t either!


If your kids are tired of reading history books, an easy way to get them more interested in the history of our world is by allowing them to watch it. Here are some inspiring titles to try.

1. History 101

Rated TV-14. 1 season available.

This series is packed with short lessons to get your kid interested in history! Includes lessons on scientific breakthroughs, world changing discoveries and important social movements.

2. The Who Was Show

Rated TV-PG. 1 season available.

This is a great show to watch on Netflix to supplement your homeschool history curriculum. The Who Was Show is a live-action comedy sketch that brings historical characters to life. It’s pretty funny and the kids like it.

3. Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb

Rated TV-PG. 1 hour 54 minutes.

If you’re studying ancient Egypt in your homeschool curriculum, check out Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb! Your kids will get to watch archeologists explore a tomb that has been undisturbed for 4,400 years!

Language Arts

Reading and writing are critical skills for all kids to learn. Here are some shows to help them learn the basics.


TV-Y. 1 collection.

Celebrities read books by black authors to spark kid-friendly conversation about empathy, compassion, equality and self love.

2. Books Turned Into Series’

Another way to get kids interested in reading is to read the book together and then watch the movie or show. Netflix has been turning popular kids’ books into series. Some to check out are:

  1. Llama Llama (Rated TV-Y; 2 seasons available)
  2. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That (Rated TV-Y; 1 season available)
  3. Green Eggs and Ham (Rated TV-Y; 1 season available)

Make screen time more educational – check out the Vooks Animated Books streaming service for kids.


Math is fun when you make it fun! These shows make learning numbers and counting into entertainment.

1. Number Blocks

Rated TV-Y. 5 seasons available.

Also targeted at toddlers and pre-schoolers, the Number Blocks show tries to make math fun with colorful blocks that focus on adding up numbers.

2. Money Explained

Rated TV-14. Limited series.

One math-related subject it’s important to teach kids about is money. Money Explained takes a deep dive into topics like scammers, credit cards and student loans.

Multi-Subject Series

If your kids love learning lots about a variety of subjects, these are some of the best series to add to your homeschool day.

1. Brainchild

Rated TV-G. 1 season available.

This show teaches the science of our everyday world in ways that kids can understand. Some topics covered include Social Media, Germs, Dreams, Space, Oceans, Motivation, Emotions and More.

Very relatable. Not only that, Brainchild does a wonderful job at promoting self-esteem and being your best you.

2. Explained

Rated TV-MA. 2 seasons available.

Most kids can ask a million questions a minute when they’re interested in something. Explained is a series on Netflix that explores a variety of different topics to give your older kids the answers they seek.

Other titles in the Explained family:

  1. The Mind Explained
  2. Sex Explained
  3. Whose Vote Counts Explained

3. Ask the Story Bots

Ask the Story Bots is a great show for younger kids that always have lots of questions about everything. Why do we have to brush our teeth? Why do we have nighttime? Kids burning questions answered by cute creatures. Rated TV-Y. 3 seasons.

“Both my 6-year-old and 3-year-old love it! Definitely keeps both of them engaged the whole episode. Every show has a different topic.”

Happy Mothering reader

Didn’t find what you’re looking for here? No worries… Check out these other documentaries streaming right now or try CuriosityStream!!! You can get a full year for less than $20!

How to Write a Report with Netflix

These tips will help you plan a report your kids can write after watching something educational on Netflix.
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes


  • Pencil or pen
  • Lined paper
  • Computer or Typewriter - optional


  • Any documentary
  • A screen to watch said documentary


The notes they take are done with a pencil and paper.

  • With note-taking, we have our girls pause and/ or rewind when they need to finish writing a note or need to hear something again.
  • If they don’t understand something we ask them to watch it twice.
  • If they still don’t understand, then they can Google the answer.
  • This helps them learn how to solve their own problems. And we’re always available to explain things they don’t understand.
  • If they don’t understand it after they tried their best to solve the problem on their own… at that point we’ll step in and explain it.

After the show, they handwrite an outline based on the notes they took.

  • If they take bad notes, they have to watch the show over and do notes over again while their sibling gets to have free time.

After the outline, they then handwrite the rough draft of their report.

  • We encourage nice, legible handwriting… even if it takes longer to write.

After the rough draft is handwritten, they then type the report.

  • Kaylee (4th grade) has to type a minimum of 1 1/2 pages.
  • Zoë (6th grade) has to type a minimum of 3 pages.
  • The reports usually take a solid day or 2 after the show to write.
  • They’re always allowed to rewatch the show while they’re writing if they need to.

Once their report is typed out, we review it for content, structure, typos and grammar.

  • Then they go back and fix it until it’s all correct.

After their report is good to go… we have the girls stand up and read their report out loud to the family.


    See Tips Below!!!

    And here’s a solid tip for you.

    The report doesn’t have to be that long, though it could be. When you’re starting out with this, what’s important is the writing conveys what they learned in a manner that shows they comprehend it… as well as it’s important the language arts aspect of it is proper. At first, their reports may only be 1/4 page if that typed out and that’s okay.

    Both you and your child are learning a new way to learn, it takes time to get to where they’re busting out a report a day. Count every word they type of their report as a win and you’ll both always be winning. As more reports are done, they’ll get better, longer, more in-depth and start reading out loud very well.

    And the BEST TIP ON HOMESCHOOLING EVER… If you or your child is not getting it, feeling frazzled, stressed or any other negative emotion. Stop and take a break, maybe even until tomorrow. If the show is just too much, forget about it and go to another one. And if that doesn’t cut it, go do something fun, like watch a sing-along show or movie. There’s no need to ever stress out about homeschooling.

    And after all of that… boom… you have just homeschooled and had the kids write a report that’s based on what they learned from a screen and the lesson is done.

    There are many shows streaming on Netflix that you can use the supplement your homeschool curriculum. I hope you found a new educational show or documentary to watch this week!

    And if you love educational content, be sure to try CuriosityStream. It’s a super affordable service that will add value to your homeschool.

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