Bookroo Book Subscription for Kids

Learn how to make reading fun with the Bookroo book subscription box for kids. This monthly book club is great for homeschool families and for gifts too! Be sure to use code BOOKS2LOVE for 15% off any subscription.

The Great Pet Escape and The Infinity Year of Avalon James books on top of Bookroo subscription box they came in

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we have flexibility in how we spend our time learning. We like to incorporate plenty of free reading time into our school week.

We include books that are part of a standard Language Arts curriculum. However, we also like to let our kids read books they choose. We’ve found giving them a good mix of assigned and chosen books keeps their interest in reading alive and growing.

One great way to discover new titles is through a book subscription for kids like the Bookroo book club.

Bookroo has options for kids ages 0-10, with 3 reading levels. Each box features an insert that gives an overview of that month’s books with tips to help you talk about the books with your kids. Great ideas for homeschooling families!

Bookroo September 2020 Parent Guide Insert

Bookroo Book Subscription Options

You can sign up for a subscription for each of these boxes on the Bookroo website.

1. Board Book Club (Ages 0-3)

You get 3 sturdy board books with 8-14 pages that are ideal for little fingers that haven’t learned how to be gentle with books yet.

2. Picture Book Club (Ages 3-6)

This box includes two hardcover picture books with 32-40 pages that are great for children learning to read or for reading out loud as a family.

3. Chapter Book Club (Ages 7-10)

This option includes two books with 120-180 pages and is ideal for advancing young readers who want to read stories with more length.

Kaylee is 10, so she’s at the top age level for the kids Chapter Book Club. Both of the books we received in our free box were a quick read for her and the topics were lots of fun!

Bookroo subscription box with 2 books next to it - The Great Pet Escape and The Infinity Year of Avalon James - set on the fireplace

If your kids love gifts and surprises, this subscription box could be a great way to motivate them to read more often.

If you want to try the Bookroo book club for kids, be sure to use code BOOKS2LOVE for 15% off any subscription.