10 Fabulous Uses for Leftover Pickle Juice

Wondering what to do with that leftover pickle juice? Check out the many benefits of and uses for pickle brine beyond drinking it. 

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Pickles make for a tasty snack and condiment, but have you ever cringed pouring the leftover pickle juice down the sink? It seems like such a waste, doesn’t it?

Pickle juice has a salty yet savory flavor, and the truth is it can be used in several different ways. Take a look below at 10 uses for leftover pickle juice that you may not have heard of.

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10 Uses for Leftover Pickle Juice

1. Perk Up BBQ Sauce.

Add a tablespoon of pickle juice per 1 cup of BBQ sauce. Mix well and use on meats or as a dipping sauce. It really adds to the flavor of the sauce and gives it a unique kick.

2. Make Your Meatloaf Marvelous.

Add a ¼ cup of pickle juice to your meatloaf mix. It will make the meatloaf taste like a loaded hamburger. So yummy!

3. Give Cucumbers a Kick.

Slice cucumbers and toss them into jar of pickle juice. Let the jar refrigerate for 48 hours. When you remove the cucumber slices, they will have a wonderful pickle flavor. These are perfect for snacking!

4. Give Your Juice a Jolt.

If you enjoy juicing, add some pickle juice to your vegetable juice recipes. It will add some salty and tangy flavor that is quite tasty.

5. Use It as a Meat Marinade.

Pickle juice will help tenderize the meat while adding flavor. You can marinate any meat in a bowl of pickle juice and achieve some excellent results.

6. Soothe a Dry Throat.

The vinegar in pickle juice can help soothe a dry throat. Gargle the pickle juice for some quick and easy relief.

7. Perk Up Dips.

You can add a little pickle juice to vegetable and chip dips to achieve some unique flavor. It can even be added to hummus.

8. Boost Your Bloody Mary.

If you enjoy a tasty Bloody Mary drink, you will love one with a touch of pickle juice. Add a tablespoon of pickle juice to your Bloody Mary and see how amazing it can taste.

9. Soothe a Sore Tummy.

Pickle juice can help soothe an occasional upset stomach. Take a few sips to find some relief.

10. Use it in Place of Salt.

You can use pickle juice anywhere that you would normally add salt. Try some on pasta, potatoes, or even rice to boost the flavor.

Did you ever believe there could be so many uses for pickle juice? Give these tips a try and see how amazing pickle juice can be!

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