12 Unique Ways to Upcycle Old Socks

Do you have old socks lying around your house and don’t know what to do with them? Check out this list of 12 unique ways to upcycle old socks.

Feet with a holey sock
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If there is one thing you probably have laying around your house right now, it is old socks. I know from experience! I swear the dryer eats socks and we end up with just one of so many pairs of socks!

Over time, socks lose their mates one way or another. They get worn out and it is hard to think of things to do with them besides toss them in the garbage. You no longer have to throw those worn socks away because here are twelve unique ways to upcycle old socks!

12 Unique Ways to Upcycle Socks

1. Upcycle old socks as old rags

One way to upcycle old socks is to use them as old rags. I like using them as a one-time use thing. Since socks aren’t huge, they serve a purpose for scrubbing down the bathroom once or twice. They also work well for quick clean ups.

2. Use socks as an insulator

If you have ever wondered what to do with those old socks, consider using them as an insulator for your cold drinks. All you have to do is cut the foot part off and wrap it around your cold drink. Not only will it work as an insulator, it’ll also help you keep the sweat off of your cold drink.

3. Use old socks to help moisturize hands and feet.

Have dry cracked hands and feet? Consider using those old socks as a way to protect your hands and feet. Put a moisturizing cream on your hands or feet, then put old socks on to help lock in the moisture.

4. Upcycle old socks into rice heating pads.

Are you looking for something simple, yet useful for those old socks? A rice heating pad is the perfect use! Simply fill up the old sock with rice, microwave for a LIMITED time and then enjoy the warmth of the “rice sock” on your sore muscles. You can sew up the end to make reusing it easier.

5. Make a Salt Sock for Ear Aches

If you have kids, then you probably have ear aches in your house often. One of my favorite home remedies for ear aches is to make a Salt Sock. Fill your upcycled sock with the necessary ingredients, warm it and you have a great way to soothe minor ear pain.

6. Use old socks to dust your house.

I have done this and it’s awesome. You just put the old sock on your hand and then you start dusting your house. You can even put homemade wood cleaner on your sock to help make your house even shinier.

7. Use socks as an alternative to gloves.

Want to play in the snow, but don’t have any gloves? Bundle up with a couple of pairs of old socks. You may be surprised at how warm this can keep your hands in the snow for short periods of time.

8. Use old socks to help cover those ice packs.

Using an ice pack directly on your skin can prove to be really cold. By placing the old sock over the ice pack, it helps take away some of the sting of the coldness.

9. Use an old sock to hold spare change.

This is perfect for little kids who love to hide little things. Find an old sock, decorate it and then let the kids put their treasures in it. My kids love putting their old change in the socks. Plus, it’s easy to carry around!

10. Upcycle an old sock into a DIY dog toy.

Another great way to upcycle old socks is to use them to make your own dog toys. If you’re great at sewing or tying a knot, you can easily make a dog toy.

11. Use an old sock to protect valuables.

Whether you’re moving or storing items, old socks make the perfect storage item for valuables. Since socks come in many shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to store a variety of collectables in old socks! If you need to, you can even use a permanent marker to mark what is in the sock.

12. Use old socks for a learning opportunity.

Whether you’re counting, learning colors or even doing crafts – old socks are the perfect “random” object to have lying around the house. You never know what new craft or learning game you can create with a couple of old socks. The creativity ideas are endless here.

As you can see, there are many ways to upcycle old socks. Instead of tossing them, try one of these ideas and reuse your worn socks to make a useful DIY project.

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