DIY Flower Pot Garden Markers

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Do you need easy DIY ideas for your backyard garden? Learn how to make these easy Flower Pot Garden Markers. 

Mint flower pot garden marker

Gardening season is in full swing. In many areas of the country, I’m seeing people already pulling zucchini out of their garden – I’m jealous! We are just now to the point where it’s not freezing every night and we can get our container garden going again.

I dream of someday living in a house with a yard big enough to grow most of our own fruits and veggies. Until then, I’ll have to be content with having several plants growing in containers each year, during our short growing season.

I love garden markers. There are so many fun and unique ways to make them using materials you probably already have lying around the house – or ones you can pick up at the dollar store. If you have access to some small terra cotta pots, wood stakes, play dough and a marker, then you can quickly make these adorable Flower Pot Garden Markers.

Square image of Mint flower pot garden marker

DIY Flower Pot Garden Markers

These Flower Pot Garden Markers are easy to make and great for marking vegetable and herb plants.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes


  • Small terra cotta flower pots
  • Wooden dowel rod - or chopstick
  • Modeling clay - or play dough
  • Marker


  • Turn the pot over and write the name of the plant you wish to identify. Use a permanent, bold marker that will withstand the elements. Write the name pressing firmly as you do.
    Mint written on small terracotta pot
  • Next, create a base for your dowel rod or chopstick to hold onto. You will use your clay or play dough for this. Use a firm dough and create a ball. Press the ball into the inside of the flower pot. This will seal the hole and will also create a sticky surface for the rod to hold onto.
    modeling clay in a terra cotta pot
  • Press the rod into the clay or dough. Hold it firmly in place with the pot turned over. Allow the clay to dry so it will firmly hold the rod in place.
    Dowel rod pressed into clay in terracotta pot
  • Once the clay is dry and your pieces are secure, press the end of the rod into the ground near the plant you wish to mark.
    Mint flower pot garden marker for backyard garden

I hope these garden markers work well in your garden.

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