How to Clean Microfiber Cloth

Learn how to clean your microfiber cloth, couch and other furniture with our best cleaning tips and tricks. 

Five microfiber cleaning cloths on a wood table

Microfiber cloths are pretty much standard these days. Since microfiber isn’t biodegradable, we do our best to keep ours clean to extend their lives.

The same goes for microfiber couches. Every mother’s nightmare is looking at her microfiber furniture and seeing the endless stains.

Remember when you were in the furniture store and they told you how easy microfiber is to clean? Someone was pulling your leg.

Since we’re a household that’s owned both microfiber cloths and couches for several years, I have found some tips for cleaning it.

How to Clean Microfiber Cloths & Couches

1. Removing the Smell

Have you ever sat on your microfiber couch and thought “what’s that smell?” Microfiber furniture has a way of smelling. The smell doesn’t seem to go away and lingers every time you sit down.

One of my favorite ways to freshen the smell of microfiber furniture is to mix some essential oils with with in a spray bottle. The secret is you don’t want to spray the actual microfiber, just around it.

Whenever you mist them, lift up the couch cushions and allow the fabric to dry before adding the cushions again. You can directly spray microfiber cloths.

2. Getting Rid of Stains

You can only use a handful of products to get stains out of microfiber. I like to use our DIY Upholstery Cleaner. It does an amazing job of getting stains out and it’s super easy to make.

Since microfiber is polyester based, you can’t use water to clean it. Water will leave a stain like mark on your couch.

3. Scrub Scrub Scrub

The rubbing alcohol in our homemade upholstery cleaner will help you get the stains out of the microfiber. Use a bristled brush to help you get your microfiber cleaner. Scrubbing will help your microfiber look brand new again!

4. Most Covers Come Off

If you spill something on microfiber, chances are the microfiber cover is removable. If that’s the case, you can wash microfiber in the washing machine without harming it.

You can either dry the microfiber if the instructions allow it or allow it to air dry. Most of the time, things will look much cleaner after a simple wash.

5. Deep Cleaning Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber furniture probably is not the only thing you own in your house. Many people own products like microfiber cleaning cloths, mops and duvet covers.

For the smaller items, one thing you can try is soaking your microfiber cloths in white vinegar in the sink. After you soak them thoroughly, wash them like in step 4 and they should come cleaner.

Owning microfiber does not need to be your worst enemy. Follow these tips for cleaning your microfiber cloths and furniture as often as you’d like.

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