Camp American Girl Hangout Unboxing and Review

Do you want to see the Camp American Girl Hangout up close? Watch Kaylee and I have fun unboxing the hangout and accessories.

Or watch the video on YouTube.

I love when this blog brings opportunities for me to bond with my daughters or to provide them with something they’ve always wanted. This summer, American Girl sent us two giant boxes of their products to unbox and review, and Kaylee and I had so much fun with it!

If you already watched the first video in this series, then you know we received the Camp American Girl Hangout (retail: $185). It’s so big that it took up one of the entire boxes we received!

If you watched Kaylee and I open those boxes, then I bet you were dying to see the Camp American Girl Hangout close up, right? There was just so much included with the Camp American Girl Hangout that we decided it deserved its own unboxing video.

Isn’t the Camp American Girl Hangout so cool?

Camp American Gil Hangout with doll Abby

(That’s the Camp American Girl Campfire Set to the right of the Hangout if you were curious.)

As you saw in the video, the Camp American Girl Hangout is exactly that – a hangout rather than a camp cabin. It’s more like the lodge where everyone meets up for activities. Kaylee and Abby like to play dominoes together outside the hangout.

Kaylee and her Truly Me doll Abby playing dominoes in front of the Camp American Girl Hangout

Only a small amount of assembly is required. As you saw in the video, you have to snap the legs into the underside of the hangout to give it some height, then attach the stairs. After that, it’s ready to play with. It goes together easy enough that Kaylee probably could have done it on her own.

The Truly Me dolls are too tall to stand up inside the hangout, but they can stand out on the porch and hang out and bird watch, or sit inside the hangout and relax.

Abby sitting inside of the Camp American Girl Hangout covered up by the teal blanket while sitting on purple cushions against pink and orange ombre pillows.

When your Truly Me doll chills in the hangout, she can write in her camp notebook with the pencil or she can read the mini Friends book that is included. Kaylee loves to read American Girl books with Abby.

Kaylee holding the miniature Friends book from the Camp American Girl Hangout set.

There are also two reversible playing cards with Camp Bingo and Word Search games on them to play with a friend.

Kaylee holding the Camp Bingo game from the Camp American Girl Hangout set.

Inside the hangout are two bright blue cushions, two ombre camp pillows and a sparkly teal knit blanket. The four curtains can be tied back or closed with velcro ties. Kaylee loves opening them and closing them depending upon what game she’s playing.

Inside of Camp American Girl Hangout with pillows and lounges

I love that a crate is included to help store all of the fun accessories. Less mess is great with me!

Kaylee likes to flip the crate upside down and use it as a table so her and Abby can enjoy Jiffy Pop® popcorn and sip hot chocolate from the blue speckled camping cups.

Camp American Girl Hangout crate turned upside down on carpet with a miniature Jiffy Pop popcorn and two blue camping cups set on top of it.

The Camp American Girl Hangout comes with repositionable stickers and “tape” so you can hang photos, the camp map, schedule and the poster on the wall, and move them around as desired. Kaylee really likes all the patterns and is having fun decorating her hangout.

Repositional stickers that can be applied to the back wall of the Camp American Girl Hangout

There are two hooks on the outside of the cabin, so you can hang up the reversible chalkboard sign and the lantern that really lights up.

Outside of Camp American Girl Hangout with lantern and sign hanging on hooks

The bright blue roof features a festive camp flag celebrating Camp American Girl. Kaylee likes to have Abby wave it around to celebrate being at camp.

Camp American Girl Hangout flag in front of a Truly Me doll with blond hair and a floral dress.

Kaylee is having so much fun playing with the Camp American Girl Hangout. It’s well made, electronic-free and inspires a lot of creative imagination, which is awesome.

Here’s everything that was included:

  • Two bright-blue cushions and two ombre camp pillows
  • A sparkly teal knit blanket
  • A camp notebook filled with idea-starters for activities and a notebook with pencil
  • A schedule to hang up
  • Repositionable stickers with decorations for the wall and “tape” for hanging a double-sided poster and three camp photos
  • A mini abridged version of the book Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them
  • A pretend reversible chalkboard sign for writing friendly notes
  • Two game cards with bingo on one side and a word search on the other
  • A set of 28 dominoes
  • A crate to use as a game table or for storage
  • Make-believe Jiffy Pop® popcorn
  • Two speckled camp cups
  • A pair of binoculars
  • A lantern that really lights up
  • A camp flag to fly from the roof
  • A pink-and-white jump rope that dolls can really hold

What’s not included:

  • Doll

Assembly required?

  • Minor: Attach legs to bottom and place flag

Learn more on the American Girl website.

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Do you want to see the Camp American Hangout up close? Watch Kaylee and I unbox the hangout and accessories.

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