Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Encourages A Love of Reading

Thank you Amazon Kindle for sponsoring this post. Celebrate National Reading Month with your children by signing up for a 30-day free trial of FreeTime Unlimited.


Did you know that March is National Reading Month? I have always loved reading, and it’s very important to me that my daughters develop a love of reading too. We try to read books together when we have time, and we always make sure to visit the school book fair to pick up some new titles.

Zoë has always had more of a passion for math than reading, so we’re working to show her how important reading is. She is progressing very well with her reading skills, and I love exploring new ways to make reading fun for her.

The girls got tablets for Christmas and there is a reading app on them, but with so many other fun things to do on the tablet, they never use the reading app. So I was very excited to get an Amazon Kindle e-reader so we could explore the FreeTime Unlimited App as a way to encourage Zoë to read more.

If you’re not familiar with FreeTime Unlimited on the Amazon Kindle, it gives you unlimited access to thousands of books, movies, games and apps designed just for kids. It’s ideal for kids that are starting to read chapter books for kids.

As soon as Zoë saw the Amazon Kindle arrived, she wanted to see what she could find to read. It’s definitely worth the cost of the Kindle e-reader to create excitement about reading. I personally love that there’s no glare on the screen so you can even use it outside. What really makes the Kindle e-reader work for kids is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.


FreeTime Unlimited offers unlimited access to hundreds of hand-picked chapter books and early readers. Everything is curated so you know it’s age-appropriate. I love that we don’t have to guess what she’ll enjoy since we have access to so much. The subscription is very affordable.

In addition to the access to books, there are some great features to help early readers like my daughter. They can increase the font size if that makes it easier for them. They can also look up definitions for words they aren’t familiar with to help with their vocabulary skills. I also like how lightweight it is, so it’s much easier to take along with us than a bunch of books. It will really come in handy when we’re waiting at Kaylee’s dance classes.

To make it fun, your kids can earn achievement badges when they reach their reading goals. The app provides parents with a progress report so they can stay in tun with how much time their child is spending reading, what books they’re reading, what words they’re looking up, what badges they’re earning. When Kaylee gets a bit older and starts reading, we can add a profile for her so that each girl can have access to the books that are appropriate for them.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can also get Amazon FreeTime on other Amazon devices such as Fire Tablets and Amazon Fire TV. There are different features on each device though. For example, only the books and badges are available on Kindle e-readers whereas you can read books, get apps and games and watch TV shows and movies on Fire tablets.

We will definitely be using the Kindle e-reader and FreeTime Unlimited to keep Zoë busy reading this summer. She enjoys it already, so I love that we have something that can easily help her further develop a love of reading!

If you have a child that you want to encourage to read more, check out the FreeTime Unlimited app! You can currently get a 30-day free trial.


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