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How to Re-Grow Green Onions

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Have you been wondering how to re-grow green onions from scraps? It’s surprisingly simple, and it makes a great indoors gardening lesson for the kids too! 

Three glass cups with green onions growing in them

My girls absolutely love any kind of science experiment. They love learning new things and watching things grow.

Since we’ve decided not to raise chickens again for a while, we’ve been doing a lot of gardening type experiments. We joined a homeschool gardening group and we’ve also been doing things on our own.

The book Square Foot Gardening has given us tons of ideas.

One of the things they have been super into lately is re-growing foods. A couple years ago we re-grew sprouted onions in our garden- that was a lot of fun!

We’ve done all sorts of foods, but one of the ones I find to be most rewarding is re-growing green onions. It’s a process that happens very fast, making it ideal for impatient young children. They can see the results very quickly!

It’s quite a simple process as well, so I’ll quickly walk you through the steps. I hope you’ll give this fun gardening experiment a try with your kids!

Green onions growing in shot glasses

How to Re-Grow Green Onions

Learn how to re-grow green onions from food scraps with this easy tutorial.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • Green onions
  • Shot glasses


  • Cutting Board
  • Knife


  • Next time you buy green onions at the grocery store, cut them well above the root. I like to place them into a shot glass of filtered water. You can use another dish, but I find that the shape of shot glasses works particularly well with green onions.
    Three green onion scraps in a shot glass
  • In just a few days, you’ll notice that they are starting to grow. See all of that new green growth?
    Green onion scraps growing taller in a shot glass
  • A few days later, if you check on them, you'll notice they've grown even more! They'll just keep growing from there. When they get to a sufficient length, simply trim them down again so you can use the green onions – and keep them growing.
    Tall green onions in a shot glass growing
  • Sometimes I like to stagger planting the green onions by a few days. It’s fun to see their progress side by side!
    Three shot glasses with three different lengths of green onions growing in them


Every few days, you’ll want to change the water they’re growing in or you’ll end up with rot. You’ll notice that it gets cloudy – that’s your clue to change the water.
After a while, the onions just won’t grow as well, but you can simply repeat this process again. It’s fun every time!

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6 glasses of green onion scraps growing in them

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