Free Printable Garden Journal for Kids

This Garden Journal for kids is a great way to teach your family about gardening. Get the tips for using these free printable pages in your homeschool curriculum. 

Four garden journal entry pages

Being able to interact with what they’re learning about makes everything more fun and impactful for children. Since one of the lessons that we try to impart on our children is to live naturally in harmony with the Earth, learning about where food comes from is a key life lesson.

While we live in an area with an extremely short growing season, we still try to grow as much food as we can with the limited time and space we have. We often buy seedlings to speed the process along, but we have done seeds as well. I think watching plants grow from seed to food-producing plant is a wonderful lesson for children.

If you have a picky eater, I have found that they are much more likely to eat foods they often avoid if they grew it themselves. Now is a great time to start gardening as a family if you haven’t already!

How to Keep a Garden Journal with Kids

For older kids, you can easily turn gardening into a fun, educational opportunity. I have found that a great way to make sure that the plant is tended to daily and the child gets the greatest learning opportunity from the experience is the use of a Garden Journal.

Each day (or every few days, depending upon what you prefer), your child will look at the plant, draw a picture of it and then write a sentence or few words about what they observe in their Garden Journal. You can also take pictures daily and print them out if you prefer.

Then your kids can look back over their garden journal when the food is ready to be harvested. They’ll be able to see how they grew that food themselves from start to finish. It’s a very rewarding experience!

While you can surely use a notebook for your garden journal, I put together a free printable to make it more easy and fun. There are 4 Garden Journal Entries per page, so you’ll save paper too.

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